New Orleans sidewalks. Depending on the neighborhood, they can be made of brick, cobblestone, very old cement or even slate. They are usually pretty broken up. Tree roots grow up through them. The heat cracks them. They fall apart after years of use. We are an old city. I found this one while I was […]

A moment. I’m not sure it’s decisive. But, it’s a moment. In time. This dude was rolling his big wheel  and tire down the street as I was hustling from one point in the second line to another point ahead of the walkers. I took his picture. He smiled. The more I thought about it […]

Yes. The rainy season. About this time of year we have real interesting days. They are mixed with bright sunshine, clouds, heavier rain clouds, a hard-hitting storm and then the cycle repeats itself. Sometimes, the rain falls in such specific areas that one side of a street is dry, while the other side sees rain […]

Yes. Green. Summer in New Orleans. Between the het, the every present humidity and rain that seems to fall every other hour, this is what you get. Luscious, verdant green. Shades of green. Rich green. You also get incredible lumps and bumps. The tree and the rise are located on the parkway between the street […]

They say that the “devil is in the details.” He may well be. But, I’m really not so sure. To my way of thinking, if that’s true, we are in a lot of of trouble. Details are everywhere if we take the time to look. I do. You probably should too. You’ll never ever fail […]

So. I dipped into the well of New Year Eve in The French Quarter. I had a pretty good shooting night. And, we had a pretty good dinner. So, all in all as they say… it was a pretty good time. I’ve written about it in the past few blogs so I’m pretty much out […]

Whenever I have time and am in place to do so, I work on what appears to be my never-ending Central City project. Mostly, I look for things that help tell the story as I see it. But, I get lucky once in a while. During my last drive through, I ran into a guy […]