New Orleans from the Westbank.


‘ve had two useless days in a row. A friend of mine says there are no useless days. She’s wrong.

Let’s just start with today. We had a power failure before noon. The power companies estimate for restoring power was 4:20 pm today. To their credit they had us up and running around 1:15 pm.

When the computer shuts down like that it takes forever to get things running smoothly again. Apps are funky as well. It took me a good thirty minutes just to load this one. Even now I’m getting speed mystery type. That’s when you type, nothing shows up, and then a whole line of type appears.

At this rate, I’ll get about 15 minutes worth of work done in just four hours.

I decided to publish good pictures that you haven’t seen, no matter where I made them. We’ll start today with the City of New Orleans and our massive downtown. Massive if you live in some little place.

I’m not going to be photographing little pictures for a while. It’s just not the same without Sophie Rose.

You understand.


his picture is more about seeing than anything else. If you can’t see this you’d better quit photograph or else you are blind.

This is a fairly accurate representation of what I saw when I blindly stopped the car and made the photograph.

I did darken the picture which brought out more color. But, I didn’t add to the color. In fact, I scrubbed the mid-tones of the red on the ship to bring the color out.

That’s what I did, alright.

Oh yeah, the other useless day. Yesterday.

I awoke at about the normal time. I worked until about 10am when I started feeling groggy so I thought a little morning nap might be in order.

I awoke at just before 2:30pm.

Four hours.

I’ve been talking with some friends and they’ve been doing that too. We believe it’s our way of coping with extreme stress.

That’s better than a stroke or a heart attack.

Moving freight at the intersection of the Mississippi River and the Industrial Canal.
Moving freight at the intersection of the Mississippi River and the Industrial Canal.

The mighty Mississippi River. The Great River. Old Man River.

Whatever you call it, it rises in northern Minnesota and meanders for 2,340 miles to the Mississippi River Delta at The Gulf of Mexico. I could write for screens and screens and never really touch what it means, what it does and what it is really like. Let’s just say that it influences those of us who live along its banks. A lot.

This picture wasn’t made on the river. Exactly. It was made on a major split called the Industrial Canal. The river, itself, is maybe a couple hundred yards to the left in this image. The canal is five and half miles long and connects the river to Lake Ponchartrain. It is used to move freight. Dredging began in 1918 and was completed five years later. It was this canal’s levees that broke during Hurricane Katrina and flooded the Lower 9th Ward.

The rest. I took the picture from one of those levees. One that didn’t break. You can walk along the levees for miles and miles. Of course, I was chasing dusk light which is so creamy in the summer. It’s that sub-tropical southern thing working for me. Again.

Manufacturing on River Road.
Manufacturing on River Road.

“Whenever I find myself in the middle of the road, I hate straight to the gutter where things are more interesting.” — Neil Young.

Well, sort of.

This is yet another picture from our River Road ride. Not all the places are bucolic plantation houses and very, very green nature. Historical sites with little brass signs.

No.The region lives and breathes.

River Road runs along the mighty Mississippi River. Massive shipping. Massive manufacturing. Massive oil production. Massive chemical production. Freight trains run along the river. They cross the river at various points. A town on the Westbank is called Westwego because train engineers, brakemen and conductors used to start their trains by pointing and saying, “West we go.”


This picture is a look at another side of River Road. The manufacturing side. It also combines something that is new to my latest friends.

Experimental Sunday. That’s right. Sunday is the day I usually post versions of my pictures that are very experimental. Little tests. Big tests. It’s my day for tinkering around. Please don’t misunderstand. I rarely do this for my clients. I wish I could. Mostly, they want a little more literal approach. Fine with me.