Ever wonder why your phone service is so bad? Even your local cell service? Ask AT&T.  I was out walking. I’ve been seeing this cluster for a while. I decided to take a few snaps. Since I’m feeling a little salty today, I thought that I’d share one with you. This is a cluster of […]

Just a little playing with software to build a kind of photo assembly. I’m not sure if this works. At all. But, I wanted to do a little testing. And, learning. In an attempt to learn about a particular style of photo assembly, I started with this. Well, something like it.  The pictures were taken […]

Back to it. Broken. Rotting. Falling Down. Abandoned. There are thousands of these buildings all over New Orleans. Some were badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Others have been rotting for decades. Sometimes, the buildings that have been left abandoned for years are said to be “being demoed by neglect.” That’s kind of an easy way […]

Urbex. Urban Exploration. Lots of places do it in New Orleans. Urbex means investigating and photographing derelict old buildings. Usually, the buildings are industrial sized. The “experts” have a lot of recommendations for participating in this little task. The first thing the tell you is that you are trespassing. They tell you to use the buddy system. […]

Pay phones. We just don’t think of them anymore. I know there a few working phones around New Orleans. But, I couldn’t tell you where. And, I know I can’t tell you the last time  that I used one. I was a very early adopter of cellphones. I saw my first one in Hong Kong […]