Out In The Rain

The rain. Running errands is a good time for to make pictures in the rain. I just have to be a little careful, and be considerate of other drivers who are probably grumbling at the rain… and me. I’m not sure how well you can see it, but there is a pickup truck in frontContinue reading “Out In The Rain”


Because… why not? I was working on the original version of this picture in color. A light bulb went off. Experiment in black and white, I thought. So, I did. I liked it. I smoothed it out a bit. I helped you to see some of the rain drops and that was it. I’ve beenContinue reading “Because”

Very Green, Very Simple

Life, and life itself. Fresh growth. Water droplets. Leaf veins. Symbols for life. I made this picture a few days ago, when we knew Hurricane Florence was about to hammer the Carolinas. And, that Super Typhoon Mangkhut was about to tear through the Philippines¬†and parts of Southern China. I started thinking about the simplicity ofContinue reading “Very Green, Very Simple”


Pure color. We had a late night storm. Everything is clean. Glistening. Sparkling. Because the rain fell at night, most of what fell down has already been drawn back up, meaning lighter humidity in the morning than usual. Because it started raining at about 11pm, there were no late dog walks. You know. No rainContinue reading “Color”

Rose Tears

The rain, the park and other things. Another experiment. With something that’s almost macro, in the very loosest sense. That’s a whole other story. I was making pictures of some rose petals. I sort of missed the focus on them. Instead, I focused on the rain drops. If I didn’t tell you that, you mightContinue reading “Rose Tears”

On Monday

There are days. And, there are days. Yesterday started with a mass shooting in Las Vegas. The numbers kept growing. From two, to 20 to 50, to 58. Dead. And, the wounded. Somewhere well over 500 people. People. Human beings. Attending a concert. Listening to music. Then there was me. I was right. I shouldContinue reading “On Monday”

One Time

A miracle. After reading what I wrote yesterday, that’s what a friend of mine wrote. Maybe we’ll get a miracle. I replied that miracles take work. And, that work is good. That’s about all I know. Miracles. Hope. Faith. All the rest. They take work. I learned that when I was a young child inContinue reading “One Time”


Creativity. Make from the picture what you will. There are two layers. The base picture and a slight sprinkling of flower petals on top of it. That’s it. That’s the picture. Once again, most of the words do not match the picture. This post is about creativity. It is driven by a number of otherContinue reading “Creativity”

Rain on My Window

A little more rain. We awoke to rain. The rain keeps falling. According to my weather app we have another hour or so to go. Then, cloudy skies. I don’t care. There is plenty of work to get done inside and out. But, the dogs. The dogs. The dogs.¬†Despite being water dogs who think nothingContinue reading “Rain on My Window”

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