Details. Details. Details. I was wondering just how many pictures of old couches, chairs and furniture would hold a readers interest. My answer? Not many. I wasn’t sure what to do about it until I saw this scene. It hit me. Details. A picture like this holds the reader’s interest in many ways. Not the […]

The junk project. I had a good week. Not only did I find a couple of pictures for the summer project, but I found a couple of pictures for my junk and water projects. I’m not saying that everything I photographed will make it into the final cut, but having many pictures from which to […]

  Summer. Now, I’m seeing pictures everywhere. The ten best pictures of summer project is coming along nicely. Much to my surprise, so is the dumpster project. My book projects are in the phase of, “are we there yet?” We were doing a little grocery shopping when I turned down the aisle in the frozen […]

For at least the last five years, I’ve been trying to make at least ten very good pictures that are about summer. I haven’t succeeded yet. I probably won’t again this summer. I know, I know. With that attitude I have assured myself of failure. Not really. It’s just a realistic statement that takes into […]

The dumpster project. Part two. Just like the water project, it takes some time to find the pictures. Mostly, they find me. When I’m not looking. That doesn’t mean that I’m not focused. It means that I’m disciplined, always keeping these projects in the back of my mind. I’ve been a little unsure of my […]

No. I didn’t. I didn’t forget about it. I bet you thought that I did. The water project. I work in bits and pieces. I keep ideas filed away in my brain. When I see something that I think might work I photograph it. That takes time. I find if I look for these elements […]

It started by accident. Accidental approaches are a way of life for me. Water. Remember, I wrote that I wanted to do a project about water. I bet you thought that I forgot. I didn’t. I was wrestling with photographing water as a photojournalistic story. Or, as a set of art pieces. Because of my […]

Even though I haven’t written too much about it, I’m really photographing two big projects at once. You know about “Ten Years Later.” You might have an idea about my history of music project if you remember the pictures of Club Desire in the 9th Ward. Or, I should say pictures of the ruins of… Anyway. […]