I was very lucky.

Moonrise over New Orleans. I wasn’t going to publish this picture yet, but a friend of mine posted a moonrise over the Long Island Sound, so I thought I’d better do this today.

Moons seem to have a lot to do with 2021. If you believe in such things, we are entering the Age of Aquarius. You remember the last time we did that. Flower children. Hippies. Peace. Great music. Love-ins. Be-ins. Woodstock.

Oh yeah. And, the war in Vietnam. Let’s be careful out there. We’ve been fighting unending wars in too many places.

I think good things will happen this time around. There were too many creative approaches to just about everything when our hands were tied by lockdowns and quarantines.

Let me loose now and there’s no telling what I’ll make better. Or, worse if you are on the other side.


Hope and faith in 2021.

I usually pick a word to use as sort of a koan for the year. This year and since I’m trying to be farther along and further in, I selected the word “truth.” Not as in me telling the truth. But, digging into myself and some outside influences to find the truth.

And, you?

The photograph. I made the picture on a dog walk. My hurting little cocker spaniel started feeling better so she lead me on a fairly long walk.

The moon popped up on the way back.

I was kind of blown away by the brightness of the moon and the sky. It’s not often the clouds appear so clearly at night.

I made the picture. I thought that I had it. Oh no. I had it alright, among tons of noise. It took some serious post production to clean it up.

But, here it is. Just as I’d hoped for.

You know what I said about hope and faith in the left hand column? Sometimes, it takes a lot of work to achieve them.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Enjoy all the pizza pie since sometimes it looks like the moon in the sky.

That’s amore.

It feels like spring.

I saw these wonderful clouds with the sun blasting through them. I needed a subject. The power pole worked just fine. Since I’ve mostly been working with trees in the past week, let’s just call this a metal tree.

Or, something.

I don’t want to turn this into “the weather blog,” but this is typical of Southeastern Louisiana weather. We had some pretty cold days and nights. Hard freezes that will help everybody out come summer because a lot of insect eggs — like mosquitoes and fleas — were killed by… nature. No insect sprays. Nothing man-made. Just “Ma Nature.”


Yesterday, I was wearing a t-shirt while I was  outside doing stuff. Our highs were in the mid-to- high 60s. The lows were in the 50s. That’s one of the benefits of living in the swamp.

That won’t last long. By next weekend we will have freezing temperatures. Again.

Since Mardi Gras is so early this year, I’m pretty sure it will be a cold two weeks in the streets. I may leave as some of you have suggested. Or, I may photograph the start of the parades, hang around and work on my trash project. We’ll see.

It’s kind of funny. If one of you were coming for Mardi Gras, your plans would be made. Your flights and hotels would be booked and you’d know what you were doing. Because I live here, I can hem and haw until Mardi Gras just sort of falls in my lap.

Nothing but slothfulness and laziness.