If it seems like I’m coming and going, that’s because I am. I made this picture leaving yesterday’s second line and on my way to some place else. I’ll show you a few more second line pictures as the week passes. I’ve actually been inside this place. When it was alive. When they owners actually sold […]

Mid City. New Orleans. Greenway. Yes, everything is going well along the greenway. The one that I wrote about during the fifteen days of Katrina. Yet, a block away is a City of New Orleans facility. For used street signs. All sorts of signs. Street names. Stop signs. One way signs. You know, the signs that control traffic […]

Sometimes, I have to be very quick to point out that Hurricane Katrina didn’t do all of this. New Orleans has a lot of nicknames. One is “The City that Care Forgot.” Some of our neighborhoods were broken well before the storm arrived. They will be broken long after the city has completely recovered. It’s […]

I thought that I would take one of the  “dead flowers” pictures a little further. That was about the extent of my labor on this Labor Day holiday. Oh, we did other stuff. I’ll share some of that later when all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed. Meanwhile. This picture. The basic […]

Yes. I am having fun. Looking at pictures in different ways is a lot of fun. Typically, I document people, places and things. Usually I do a little bit with them in post production. Sometimes, not.  Obviously, I’ve been adding a little more to the pictures than just a “little bit.”  To tell you the truth, […]

I’m movin’ after midnight Down boulevards of broken cars Don’t know what to do without it Without this love that we call ours Beyond here lies nothin’ Nothin’ but the moon and stars — Bob Dylan “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’,” from the album “Together Through Life.” © 2009 Bob Dylan/Robert Hunter, Special Ryder Music/Ice Nine Publishing