On a Sunday.

A mood.

A quiet mood. A peaceful mood. A jazz mood.

Because it’s Sunday. Because it’s Sunday I was going to photograph a second line. Way out in the Lower 9th Ward. I’ve chased this second line in the past. It’s yielded some good pictures. I even traveled some to get here. Today.


I awoke being into little things. Details. Enjoying the process of tinkering. So, I walked a couple of the four-legged kids. Came back in. I said something like forget it. At least the word started with an “F.” Heh. I’m not a choirboy.

I messed around with this picture. In more ways than just post production. I changed so internal settings that should make it easier on you. It should pop up on your screen, rather than load slowly.  I didn’t know I could do it using this software. So, now there’s more to explore. To learn.


Learn is my word for the year. I’m glad it chose me. It has settled nicely into the front of my brain. I think that I’ve been learning about different things at a nice steady clip.

While I worked on this picture, I realized that I needed music. I poked around on Spotify via Sonos. I found a not as well-known Joni Mitchell album that I hadn’t listened to in a long while. “Night in The City.”

Because. It’s a Joni Mitchell kind of day.


Trees reflecting in a pool of storm water.

The day started out good.

Then, it got better.

I got to visit with a lot of neighbors on our dog walk. That’s always good. We returned home and I went to work on this post. I looked outside my window and other neighbors were passing by with their brand new infant. I hustled outside and got to meet a brand new person. If that doesn’t make your day or week, nothing will.

I returned to the studio. I just had to listen to some Joni Mitchell. Between this picture, which is also brand new, and meeting the baby, I had to hear “Clouds.” Now the house is steeped in Joni Mitchell. There could be worse things. We’ll forget about them for today and tomorrow, and maybe Monday.

This Picture. It is brand new. I made it on the way out of the house on our morning walk. It’s maybe three hours old. I’m happy when the picture appears in front of me and makes itself. Better yet, it didn’t require much work. I tried to work on it, but I just made it worse. I retreated. After all, who wants flourescent lime green leaves and almost bright red rocks?

Happy weekend, y’all.

Summer’s glow.

A little peace on a hot summer Sunday.

A day for thoughts and reflections.

I’ll leave you to them.

Or, you can jump in the pool and start the Independence Day right. Right from the start of the week, which is what usually happens when the holiday falls right in the middle of what is normally the work week.

Oh. The picture. Photographed. Then, worked and slightly reworked in post production to make the final image sort of painterly. But, not quite.

Morning peacefulness.

Sunday morning.

The house is quiet. The dogs are asleep. The only one awake is me. I like working in the quietude of morning. On a normal business day, I usually complete the tasks that must be done for the day by noon. Today, aside from a few household chores, I’ll be done when I finish this post.

This is a Sunday picture.

Quiet. Peaceful. Gentle.

A good start to a fairly calm day. One of few.

The day could have been really, really busy. Today is Uptown Super Sunday. The day when the Mardi Gras Indians gather to show off their finery. When people descend on Central City who would not normally come anywhere near it. True. It is a rough neighborhood. But, I always feel safe there. Most of the residents are blue-collar. Like me.

There is also a second line that winds its way through another area of Central City. Trying to photograph both takes some great energy. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at that kind of planning. That would be funny. Even if I planned and timed everything down to a minute, these things are organic. The Indians will follow a planned route, but the start time is always flexible. The second liners will follow a planned route, but that could change if they cross the Indians, even within a block or two. Then there’s their start time. Heh! It’s a New Orleans thing.

You know the joke about God and your plans? The one that goes something like this. “If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.” That one.

Yes, indeedy.

The skies are heavily overcast. The weather experts are calling for 90% rain later this morning and through the afternoon. Normally, I don’t trust the experts. But, 90% changes that equation a lot.


Super Sunday has been postponed until next weekend. The Indians make these kinds of calls early because they don’t want their suits destroyed in the rain. They suits may be big, and bulky. They are 125 pounds of wonder. But, they are very fragile. I don’t know about the second line yet.

I suppose that we could get a lot of little stuff done around here. Nah. A free quiet day is a free quiet day.

The picture. I saw it. I pushed the button. This time, I made a slight change. I knew what I wanted to do in post production so I made the original file to compensate for that. I wanted to make this work look like a Japanese woodcut. It’s not quite there yet. But, you can see how the leaves sort of make a stamp of themselves. It’s called offsetting.

It’s a gentle picture.

Blooming in the sun.

Today is September 11.


The anniversary of the day the towers fell. In New York City. And, the Pentagon was attacked. In Washington, D.C. On September 11, 2001. Today, it almost seems like an afterthought, because most of the past 30 days have been close to hell on earth. In some cases, a watery hell. But, hell never-the-less. The date shouldn’t be forgotten. But, it shouldn’t be mourned.

Not anymore.

Today, I met a woman walking her dogs while I was walking mine. She is staying with her family. She is from Florida. She left New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She decided to settle in Florida.

It seems to me like that is going from the frying pan into the fire. Never mind.

We talked. Mostly she talked. I listened. She was worried that she would go home to nothing. She would have to start over. Again.


Let’s not mourn for what happened on September 11, 2001. Remember it. But, instead of mourning, let’s try just try be extra kind to each other. Talk to each. Listen to each other. Be patient. Be grateful. While we are all going through the things we know about, none of us really knows what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes.


Peaceful in the South.
Peaceful in the South.

I saw this picture and just had to take it.

Winter. Solitude. Quiet. Calming.

A perfect Sunday picture.

I’ll leave you with that. And, that I’ll be back on the street today for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Making New Orleans pictures. Second line pictures. Mardi Gras pictures.

Enjoy the day.

First light.
First light.

The week from hell. This coming week.

The US presidential election. It’s here. It’s now. It’s Tuesday. It affects all of you. In every country. It doesn’t matter if you live on some remote island. Or, in the most urban center in The United States. Election day won’t put an end to the stupidity of this election cycle. This will go on and on and on and on and on and on and …


For today. For a quiet Sunday. These pictures. Dawn. A new day. A new start.

Enjoy them.

A touch of color.
A touch of color.

On my window.
On my window.

One Sunday morning.

A day of peace. Which was not to be. I made this picture about an hour before I posted this story.  Somewhere during that time of post production, somebody decided to get revenge. In Baton Rouge. Many police were wounded. At least two were killed. Maybe three. Breaking news is always sketchy at first.

So much for a peaceful Sunday morning.

Prayers? Again? Three times in during a calendar week. Seems like a lot of violence to me. What do I know? I just work here.

And, speaking of that. I’m back. My break really wasn’t long enough. But, if this extreme violence is going to continue I’m going to respond in the only way I know how. Make pictures. And, show them to you.

A little housekeeping. I have about 501 of your emails. Believe it or not, I actually read your blogs. Sooooooo… I’m going to get started. Maybe 25 to about 50 a day.


A little water.
A little water.

The rain came. A little late. It’s falling as I write. It’s nowhere near the massive and violent storm that the weather guys would have you believe was coming. It’s very gentle. But, it did cool things down a bit. Well, a lot.


Yes. I know that a good part of the country is suffering from a very heavy heat wave. 120 degrees in places like Phoenix, Arizona. Or, Las Vegas. Nearly the same in Los Angeles. I think that we’ll probably be seeing more and more of these extreme temperature conditions in the future. You know why. And, that’s too bad.


I saw the bloom from my studio window. I did not see the water drops until I got closer. Talk about a very narrow range of focus. And, all that bokeh. Heh!