Curly headed Cocker Spaniel.

Yes. This is the dog.

The dog who sees things. The dog who leads me to pictures. The dog who demands walks.

The picture was made from above. Here’s the story. If the weather is just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Bright. Sunny. A slight breeze.  She will walk to a certain point and just stand there with her nose in turned up in the air. Then, she sits. Enjoying the nice day.

That’s great if she is in the yard with the rest of the dogs. They all do about the same thing. Sometimes in one area. Sometimes, about as far away as they can get from each other. Dogs need a break too.


If we are walking, as sweet-tempered as she is, she can get stubborn. You can’t move her from enjoying the day until she’s ready to move.


What to do? What to do?

I just take pictures. Usually, I look at my surroundings. But, the morning light was so pretty that I decided to take a few pictures of her. Not normal portraits. Pictures of body parts. At least the ones that I could see while she was sitting.

I really like this view. The top of her head. As winter comes on, we don’t trim the dogs as much as we do for summer. Right now, she looks a little poodley even though she is a cocker spaniel.  Once I started dragging the picture around in post production all the little hidden colors started to emerge. Oddly, she’s not gray. She’s buff with a little white trim. I know that light and shadow have different basic hues so, one side of her head looks golden. The other, sort of blue.

Happy weekend.

The old laundry plant.
The old laundry plant.

Coming apart.

I’ve written about, and published pictures of this place in past editions of Storyteller. I like to return to a lot of old places. I want to see how they are doing. I’m sorry to report, not so good. Despite being a National Landmark, this place is falling apart. Literally. See all those tiles? There are little piles of them lying on the banquette, er, sidewalk. Sidewalk to those of you who don’t live in New Orleans. I’ll show you a little more of this place in the next day or two. I photographed the front pretty well. It really the only section of the building that has been declared a landmark. The back-end — where the real work was done — has been turned into a metal recycling business.

The place? Oh yeah. It was a laundering factory. So. You dropped off your clothes off at some store front location throughout the city. It would be taken here to have the work done. It was returned to the store front business. You’d pick it up.

The factory was built in the late 1920s. All of the color you are seeing is the result of paint or dye being mixed into the concrete or tile while it was being made. That process is rare enough that this is the only building in New Orleans to be finished in that way. The tiles that are laying on the ground are pure color. Through and through.

The picture. Since I’m home, I went cruising. Looking for pictures. One of my favorite things to do. I picked the neighborhood because I had to run an errand nearby. That’s how I work. Sometimes.


Details in black and white
Details in black and white

A little nature. In black and white.

A brand new picture. I decided to let it tell me what do. The original is a color digital file. The color is just fine. Green leaf. Red veins. After publishing all those black and white images, I am still sort of in the mood.


Happy Sunday.

When I was photographing The Bank, located in Central City, the owner took me to another building that he uses as a workshop. He restores some furniture there. He also builds new, better-than-original furniture and house details there. I happened to wander into a back room and found the tools of his trade hanging neatly up against a back window. Pretty old school looking tools if you ask me. I couldn’t resist, so I made this picture. Not much to it. F8 and be there. A little post production to open up the details and that’s it. 

I just like this picture. It’s an artifact of technology. How? One day, when rain started pouring in buckets, I thought I would sit for a minute in my car until, the downpour lightened just a bit. I started getting bored so I began making pictures with one of my little Sonys. The focusing module is so fine tuned that unless you tell it not to, it focuses on the closest object. Since I was shooting through my car’s windshield, it went right for the closest object… a flower that had gotten knocked of a plant by the hard rain. It left the background completely out of focus and created lines out of the splashing rain.  Post? Not much. I just darkened it some and brought up the contrast and saturation.