Into the sun.


was rooting around in my archives when I stumbled upon this picture. I made it very early when we returned to New Orleans.

We used to live in Jefferson Parish, near to where The Saints football team practices. I used to walk on a track. Depending on direction you could walk about 1.5 miles or 3 miles.

Getting there was easy. Parking was ample. People were friendly. I wish that we had something closer to home now. I could go to one of the big parks, but that takes effort.

So, I wander around the streets. Sometimes that’s more interesting. But, I’d like not to have to think about traffic.


No dreams, or at least that I remember. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I think when I see things like I did yesterday, it helps my creative juices to flow. After all, I made a pink picture. ­čÖé

And, now a word from our sponsor. Or, something like that.

David Crosby — yes, that David Crosby, founder of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash and sometimes Young — released a new album called “For Free” after a Joni Mitchell song.

At 79 years old he is dealing with his own mortality. He understands it and is ready, even though he doesn’t want to go.

Unlike most of us, he has a transplanted kidney. He was a serious drug abuser who has been clean for years. And, he’s had at least three heart attacks. So, at 79 he’s been living on borrowed time.

Y’all need to listen to it. The entire record album (I’m old, so sue me) is great from end to end. Amazingly, he’s managed to keep his voice. That sweet caramel and chocolate voice.

For me, the song is called, “I think I.” The next line is “found my way.”

It only took him 79 years.

Maybe it’s time for the boys in the band to forgive him and hit the road one more time, before they can’t.


well known photographer once said that if you want better pictures stand in front of better stuff.

He’s right.

I always say that if you’ve got a block of some kind, just go outside and take a walk.

Creative blocks are really just a twisty or a yip. That’s what got Simone Biles at the Olympics. The minute she explained it and said the word twisty, I thought a yip.

They are worse than you know. When you practice long enough certain things become instinctual.

I could go on about what happened to her, but enough has been written about that.

What she forced me to understand is something that has been going on for a long time for me.

I have the yips.

For some reason my energy, my routine, my focus has been broken.

And, that’s frustrating.

Photography has always been my way of grounding myself. And, now it doesn’t work.

I’m not sure of the steps needed to work my way back. Ms. Biles is going to work the balance beam for her last Olympic event. I think I know why she’s doing it.

I’ll watch her very closely. Maybe there’s a clue for me. Or, maybe I already know it.

Not quite yet.

Something like fall.

Or, as we like to say down here, ha, ha, ha. The thermometer says that it’s 94 degrees. The humidity is in the 90% range and some of the leaves are changing colors. It is true that we are getting a cold front later today. The temperature won’t drop much, but the humidity will fall.

This is just setting us up for two strong weather fronts making their way from Africa. This translates to tropical storms, or worse hurricanes. Even if they materialize and don’t hit us, they’ll hit somewhere.

That’s the state of the weather today. For other news tune in tomorrow. I do want to talk about something else.


In their ever helpful way, they’ve added yet another column to their terrible block system. They moved all the types of blocks to one column where you have to search for the ones you use often. Once, they were at your fingertips now they are not. WordPress says they make your work faster. As we say down here, ha, ha, ha.

The only thing that I can think offer doing this is that they are struggling to keep people employed during this pandemic time. Why else would they keep “improving” things beyond recognition?

For those of you who haven’t started using it, you may find it easier because you’ll learn all of this in one go, as opposed to thinking you’ve learned something only to be confused again. Since I live my life in a perpetual staff of covid confusion this just adds to it.


I think I’ll test something. If it works, great. If not, great.

It didn’t work. If I understand what I’m trying to do, I must first go to the source, download the video and add the URL link, rather than simply go to the source, which would make sense. I’m probably wrong because there are no instructions that I can find.


Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy every BLT.

On a cold day.
On a cold day.

We are heading into the Winter Solstice.

The shortest day of the year. It also means that despite some cold days for a lot of you, winter has officially arrived. Or, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the other way round. It’s hot. The days are long.

In many places around the world there are all kinds of rituals, holidays and gatherings to celebrate the event. Which, by the way, is really only one second long.


I’m giving you a break. No photography tutorial today. I’m not sure when it will return. Maybe in a couple of days. I do know what I’m going to talk about. Color temperature. Quality of light. And, how to control and enhance that. If you have any questions before I post, please let me know.

The picture. A very cold day in a park that isn’t all the close to where I live. But, it has a great running and walking path.

Hand print.
Hand print.

Children’s art.

Just something I saw along the way. It is part of a larger mural. I may post something from the overall scene. Some time. Later.

For now I like the simplicity and┬áminimalism of this image. In a way, I made the scene a little more mine. I am now part of the children’s group who painted the original mural. Or, they became part of my photograph. Either way, we are all united. That’s a good thing, don’t you think?

The picture. See it. Frame it. Press the button.

The fence. As the sun goes down.
The fence. As the sun goes down.

I wasn’t going to publish a new “What the Dog Saw” image for a few more days. But, we went on a road trip. To a park. Down the street. I like new experiences. So do the dogs. So off we went.

This is really a picture of almost nothing. A chain link fence with summer growth starting to cover it. That’s it. Of course, there is some amazing glowing light, but…

I’m not exactly sure what the cocker saw because nobody was playing on the court that would attract her attention. But, she was looking at this glowing fence. I thought if she likes it, I’d better photograph it. And, that’s it. The whole story.

The last of the
The last of the quiet ones.

I promised you three quiet pictures, so that’s what you’re seeing. This is the third one. I kind of like these drifty, sort of cotton candy-like pictures. Especially when they hold their details in the shadows like these pictures do. There’s not a lot of stories to tell, especially when the picture is so peaceful. Who wants to junk that up with too many words?

But, that stops tomorrow. With the first of the bigger parades starting on Friday and my favorite — The Krewe of Barkus — on Sunday, I’ll start getting very busy. ┬áOh yeah, Krewe of Barkus. I bet you can guess what kind of parade that is… dogs. Yes. Dogs get their own parade. It works its way through The French Quarter. It really is a lot of fun… unless you are a cat.

New Orleans. Lafayette Square at dusk. You would think the statue is of La Fayette. (That’s the proper spelling.) But, it’s not. It’s Henry Clay. It was created on 1863, placed across the street and moved to its current location at the center of the square in 1900 to make way for the “new” streetcars on St. Charles as well as more general traffic which was mostly of the horse and buggy type. ┬áThe square itself was named after Lafayette in 1825, after first being called Place Gravier in 1788. Did I mention that New Orleans is an old place? Lafayette Square was the center of the American area with the French Quarter being more-or-less its mirror just down river across the neutral ground on Canal Street. The phrase “neutral ground” is a whole other story. Remind me to tell it someday. But, it pretty much means just about what you might think.

Since I don’t normally make pictures of statues, you might wonder I made this picture. Well. I was there for something else, but the sky was just killer. I decided to make as much of the foreground, and even part of the background, in silhouette so that I could emphasize the wonderful clouds, color and sky. The one thing I know about making pictures of stationary things is that they look best at the ends of the day when the rising or setting sun colors everything, adds contrast, long shadows and makes everything pretty and dramatic. Morning light looks different from dusk light, since the morning light general has less particulate matter in the air. Now you know.

My question? A number of you answered with your opinions. Thank you very much. I think that I have a direction. I’ll work on it in the next few days when I get a little time. This touring stuff is killing me. Arrrrrgh.┬á