They come in late spring.

This delicate little flower begins to arrive in late spring and last through summer. For me, it’s a symbol of summer.

This may be one of the cleanest captures that I’ve made of them since I’ve been photographing them.

I think that’s because the light was muted which kept the exposure simple. Often, I photograph them strongly backlighted.

The creates a whole host of problems.

Since I try not to move my subjects around and photograph them how I find them, I have to deal with their quirks after the fact.

It’s Sunday so I’ll give you a break from my commentary about the state of the world. You should always remember whatever I write about that is just my opinion.

Some call this an Iris. I cannot find it in my big book of flowers. So, I’ll go with Iris.

As I mentioned on the left side, the light was muted so the exposure was easy.

That made post production simple.

The biggest issue was making sure a flower so translucent as this held enough yellow so that you could view it accurately.

I’ll talk about accurately v creative intent in another post.

Above my pay grade.

Strange days.

Indeed. I bet you think you know what I’m going to write. Nope. Not that. It’s about nature.

See the flower?

What is it?

I found it on a walk. The stalk is very tall. It appears to be the flower of swamp grass, or Saw Grass, depending on where you live. It’s very common around here. Yet, I’ve never seen it flower. If you look closely, you see that there are some grass blades growing from it. They are the color of the flower. Pale yellow.

The Other Thing

I’m a little toasty. The virus, the financial state, Black Lives Matter, the reshaping of the country and the racist, lying man we call the president have burnt me to the darkest shade of toast.



I’m turning off the news. That means news and discussions of the subjects that I wrote about above. I’ll still read the newspapers that I read online. I’ll only read the sports and the arts sections. Baseball season is finally trying to start, albeit in a miniature season. I can hardly wait. However, there are already a number of players who are sick. There are two baseball players who are positive on my beloved New York Yankees.

I think what finally broke me was looking at pictures of Bourbon Street online via our local newspaper, The New Orleans Advocate & Times-Picayune & Gambit. The main party street in the Quarter was packed. Wall to wall people. The only masks that I saw where worn by a man and woman who appeared to be a couple.

I guess most of the so-called human beings don’t care.

If the virus continues to grow as it in just about everywhere in the country, there will be more death than we thought possible.

I read an academic-scientific study that was published today. If the numbers hold up, 6% of our total population will get sick. Of that aout 8% will die. Folks, that’s 2,000,000 people. That’s right, two million souls.


I’m going to go about my business. Working, photographing, walking the dogs and so on. For sure, I’ll mask up. I’ll wash my hands. I’ll sanitize myself and others. I’ll keep my distance. But, I won’t allow myself to be deluged with never ending bad news. Oh yeah, I’m not about to eat in a restaurant – open aired or not.

Stay safe. You know what to do. Stay mighty. Enjoy every sandwich.