An opportunity.

The photo caption says it all.

An opportunity.

To blow off the rest of the day.

So far.

The day started off bad. It continued to get worse.  There is only one solution. Reschedule everything. Even things that supposedly can’t be rescheduled. And, just give up. Go back to the place where I made this picture. Lay there. Fall asleep. Luckily, this place isn’t very far from our kitchen door. That’s important. It’s easier for people to bring me stuff. Something cold. Something to fill my belly. More cold stuff.

How bad is it? I almost can’t get through this post. The mouse and keyboard keep freezing every few keystrokes. That’s after rebooting the computer because it froze. I have no idea why. I put the thing to sleep last night. It woke up in a bad mood.


I’d better post this before I can’t.

The picture. Look all around if you are making pictures. I made this one laying on my back.

Think about that. Heh!

Hanging out in Treme.
Hanging out in Treme.

Sometimes, it just better to watch the parade, have a cocktail and enjoy the day.

Here’s a story for you.

When musician Neil Young was a young man, he was playing a concert. He played a new song. Brand new. First time in front of people. The audience didn’t respond. They didn’t clap. They didn’t stand. They didn’t boo. They were quiet. They didn’t know what to make of it.

When Neil came off stage prior to his acoustic set, he asked his manager what he should do with this very quiet audience. His manager – a new guy who was filling in for his regular manager – said to play something that they know. So, he went back on stage and played the same song again. The one that got no fan reaction But, this time he played it without the band. Just him and his guitar. Still nothing. No reaction. Not even a boo.

So, he finished his main set and headed backstage for a quick break prior to his encore. Once again, he asked his manger’s advise. Once again, the manager said to play something they know.

So, Neil and his band head back out and played that new song for the third time of the night.

I’m a lot like Neil.

Exterior of  the two churches that you saw last week.
Exterior of the two churches that you saw the last week.

Churches. This was last week. On a nice day. Today we are a bit cold, but not frozen to the point that our power is failing. In fact, as I know it, the only power failure that occurred today was in the Lower Ninth Ward. All the big media outlets made a huge deal out of it. And it was a big deal. It lasted for all of 4 minutes.


The approaching storm did shut everything down. I was supposed to return to these churches today to begin work on a longer project. But, oh no. Everything was closed. Likely, I’ll return on Thursday when things warm up a bit. Or maybe not. The old church is no longer heated. Even on the nice day when I was there, it was cold.


This is what New Orleans major buildings look like if they were built in the late 1800s by local craftsmen. In case you are wondering, there is absolutely no way of framing the picture to eliminate those electrical transformers. In most cities that sort of stuff is kept under ground. But, not in New Orleans. Underground either means underwater or in sinking former swamp land. If you think our huge potholes are bad, just think about sinking electricity.