The photo caption says it all. An opportunity. To blow off the rest of the day. So far. The day started off bad. It continued to get worse.  There is only one solution. Reschedule everything. Even things that supposedly can’t be rescheduled. And, just give up. Go back to the place where I made this […]

Sometimes, it just better to watch the parade, have a cocktail and enjoy the day. Here’s a story for you. When musician Neil Young was a young man, he was playing a concert. He played a new song. Brand new. First time in front of people. The audience didn’t respond. They didn’t clap. They didn’t […]

Churches. This was last week. On a nice day. Today we are a bit cold, but not frozen to the point that our power is failing. In fact, as I know it, the only power failure that occurred today was in the Lower Ninth Ward. All the big media outlets made a huge deal out […]