Indian funerals. They are like nothing you’ve ever seen. If you get a chance to go, you should go. They are spiritual. They are magical. And, the are colorful. Keep in mind this is a very sacred event. Respect what you see. Respect who you see. And, pay your respects to the person who has […]

Roses. For the City of Manchester, Ariana Grande, her band, crew and staff. And, of course her fans and their parents. For the first responders. For all of England. For the rest of the world. And, for you. And, me. There will be millions of words written about the bombing at the arena in Manchester […]

Jazz Funerals. I’m really starting to dislike that term. They are funerals. They are about death. They are about mourning. They are about understanding that all things must pass. And, that we in New Orleans accept that death as part of life. We mourn. We celebrate. If you are visiting and want to see our culture […]

Most of you know that last week was a bit rough. Anytime you attend two funerals in one week, you know it’s rough. But, today the sun sort of shined in a little different way. We were out looking for pictures, when I decided to pass through Treme. There are local jazz musicians hanging out […]