The Blue Distance

Get out of the French Quarter, I tell visitors. I don’t mean quite as far out as the locations in these pictures. Going to some of these places would mean really long days for some of them. But, I live here. I can pick them off one by one when the light and the heatContinue reading “The Blue Distance”

The Long Way Home

The long way home. After a long day driving upriver towards Baton Rouge on the Westbank’s River Road, I came to this little spot in the road. Blue hour coming. Dusk coming. Trains on one side. Power lines on both sides making great leading lines. What could be better? Actually, there are two River Roads.Continue reading “The Long Way Home”

Riverboats and Other Light

I think this will be the last picture about light in this series and for this week. The picture is a combination of luck and a little bit of knowledge. I could see the light changing so I headed to the river. That’s the knowledge. I didn’t count on the light changing so much andContinue reading “Riverboats and Other Light”

In Our Springtime

You really have to open this picture. It’s a little subtle. It may be one of the best pictures that I’ve published this month. Whoops. Of course it might. There’s only been two days to March. Let’s say that despite all the pictures I made in February, with Mardi Gras and all that, this oneContinue reading “In Our Springtime”

Levee Walk

The Mississippi River at New Orleans is reaching flood stage in the next couple of days. There is really not much to worry about. Despite my general feelings about the Army Corps of Engineers, they are on top of this one. As, they usually are with all things river. On Saturday, the ACOE  are opening theContinue reading “Levee Walk”

Dixie Flyer

I found this little ditty. It’s a Randy Newman song about his mom. Written about a time during WWII, when he and his mom were living in Los Angeles while his dad was fighting in the war. The chorus goes something like this: “Got on the Dixie Flyer bound for New Orleans Across the state ofContinue reading “Dixie Flyer”

Out There. Way Out There

This is truly the end of the road. Well. Sorta. I always thought that River Road stuck close to the banks of the Mississippi River. I doesn’t. In some places it sort of peels away and becomes another name, all the while still running parallel to the river. Then at a place called the Bonnet CarreContinue reading “Out There. Way Out There”

Such a Night

Moonrise over The Mississippi River. An accidental picture. The “needs gas” light came on about a mile from home. I made a turn to get to a gas station and saw this scene. Sometimes when I work on just “finding stuff,” I use one lens and one camera body. Yep. That’s what I had. TheContinue reading “Such a Night”

Summer- Winter-Summer-Winter

I took this picture less than 24 hours ago. At the time, the temperature was 81 degrees. Now, it is 29 degrees. At least, we don’t have snow and ice on the ground like so many other places in the country. This is the Crescent City Connection with the bare trees of winter, photographed fromContinue reading “Summer- Winter-Summer-Winter”

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