On Super Sunday. I told a friend of mine that I was toast from chasing Indians around Central City. That’s not true. It’s worse. I’m toast because I’m really sick. So, I’m later than usual. Much later. I did manage to download, back up and edit everything. But, I am not ready to finish many […]

It could be something else. The picture. It reminds me of the fifth Led Zeppelin album. Houses of the Holy. Mostly, it’s the sky. An odd shade of popsicle orange. It is a little weird. Mysterious. Spooky. Another of my portraits on the scene. I made it prior to all the events of St. Joseph’s […]

Slowly. Ever so slowly. Because, I’m still recovering from a long and gruelling weekend. The story so far. I’ve managed to download, backup and curate the images from four events. But, I seem to run out of steam early in the afternoon. So I cherry pick for you. At other times I sleep. I did […]

Tinkering. Sometimes it’s best to just do whatever it is that you do. So, I did it. I try to do something photographic every day. Sometimes, I don’t actually make a new picture. Sometimes, I so some experimental post production. Sometimes, I read about photography. Sometimes, I continue the never-ending work of archive organization. I’ve […]

Super Sunday on the Westbank. No. Not the West Bank in the Middle East. The one in New Orleans. I mention that because I’ve had the question asked of me. You just never know. I made the base picture — a Mardi Gras Indian Wildman — a few years ago, when I had the energy […]

Another day. Another experiment. I wrote yesterday that I discovered a number of images that would work well with some of the background pictures that I’ve been making. This is one of them. In the picture’s metadata I added Mardi Gras Indian. That’s so people might find the image on a Google search. He is […]

My version. Of Mardi Gras Indian energy. That’s what this latest experimentation is about. Getting the images I see in my head out to you. The viewer. I suppose looking at the images I posted over the last three days, you could be wondering what is wrong with me. I wonder that myself sometimes. But. […]

I had another post written and scheduled. Then I read this. “Years ago two mayors, Michael Bloomberg and Mr. Giuliani, were in a group discussing what the memorial should be. Mr. Giuliani wanted something big on that “sacred ground.” Mr. Bloomberg argued for a school, not a monument. “I always thought the best memorial for […]

It seems like a long time ago. But, Super Sunday 2016 is less than a week old. Time seems to moving so fast these days. Generally, when I start looking for pictures on big days like the yearly gathering of Uptown Indians I start looking at “little” pictures. A picture that is somewhat symbolic, but not […]