On Magazine Street towards dusk.

On my way. To someplace else.

Actually, I was sort of circling around. Going home from a casual meeting with writer Sharon Cathcart at the Hotel Montelone’s Carousel Bar. She is in town for a writer’s meeting.

We’d talked back and forth via comments here and on her blog. We decided to meet. We chatted and had a good time even though she was exhausted from getting up way too early for a cross-country flight. She writes a lot about New Orleans things. She says she feels at home here. Home is where your heart is, they say. Please see some of her work at http://sharonecathcart.wordpress.com


I made a few pictures at the bar. I made a few pictures in the French Quarters. I made a few pictures in the CBD. I made a few pictures Uptown. I just kept making pictures. I made more pictures. Even more pictures. I went too far. I even passed my home.

No worries. A right. A left. Another right. Another left. A one way street. A pothole. A minor traffic jam. And, I was home. And, another pothole.

The picture. It’s sort of a classic. Lower Magazine Street at sunset. It’s not a hard picture to make. You just have to be there at the right time. Currently, the right time is around 7:15 pm. You can plan that. Or, you can be lucky. I was lucky last night. Sharon and I could have hung out longer. I would have missed this. Or, we could have had an earlier night and I wouldn’t have been there. However…

I made the picture while I was rolling. I just let the camera do its thing and I kept driving. The speed limit is 20 mph. Slower is better since the street is normally very crowded. I did a lot developing and post production work this morning. I didn’t take long since nature did her work.

Vietnamese Coffee
Chopsticks and Soup Spoon
Egg Rolls

So. She said, “take me somewhere fun for lunch after we drop off the Mardi Gras beads.” I’ve been wanting to try a Vietnamese restaurant on the far downriver end of Magazine Street. So, that’s where we went. It was a good choice since we dropped the beads off at St. Michaels, where they will be recycled and sold to help fund their special student programs. St. Michaels is located in St. Thomas, which is not to be confused with the old St. Thomas Projects which are gone. They’ve been replaced with mixed use housing. Parking is truly hard since Magazine sort of breaks off  in a couple of directions. One or two blocks in one direction and you are in The Garden District. A couple of blocks in the other direction and you end up in St. Thomas. All sorts of one way streets. Luckily, one trip around the block and we found a space almost in front of the restaurant. It’s called Pho Noi Viet. They say it’s in The Lower Garden District. I suppose. It’s on the edge.

Anyway. Back to lunch. The food was good, but it wasn’t the best Pho we’ve eaten. The regular sized bowl was a little on small side, but fine for us. I thought the service was slow. Thought being the operative word. But, we ordered Egg Rolls too.  When they arrived they had a slight sheen of oil and were very hot. That’s why the service was slow. They were cooked to order. That takes some time. Oh yeah. I always have to drink some version of Vietnamese Coffee, which is what you see in the top picture. This is probably the simplest version I’be had yet. Cafe du Monde coffee and condensed milk.

The pictures. Anybody who know me knows that I always photograph meals. But, I never do anything with the pictures. To my mind, there are way too many Instagram food pictures floating around the internet. Most them are way too over processed. But, I kind of like the framing and color palette of these pictures. They are nice, light and airy. I made them with my i-Phone. I thought that you might enjoy them too.