Just smile. Sometimes that’s all you can do. That’s why I published these two pictures of a little guy, who is starting out young, making his way down the stairs at the Good Fellas second line, last Sunday. This is probably his first second line. His confidence will build as he prepares year after year. […]

We talked about moments yesterday. Here’s another one. This one doesn’t have as much to do with the second line, as it does with the people who come out for the parades. Or, in this case, was taken to the parade. I doubt that he brought himself, especially since I know that his mama was […]

Being short and trying to watch the band is, well, tough. Never mind that people are swirling around you as they walk down the street. Never mind that it’s almost your bedtime and here you are… out on the street. At least, that’s how I saw it when I saw this little guy. But, do […]