Winter Light


his isn’t exactly what I meant. I’ve been trying to push back the distribution of Storyteller to about 5pm Central Time. I intended to do it by posting about an hour later every week until I reached 5pm. Oh no. I jumped to 3pm in about two days.

Oh Well.

A couple of folks asked about creating pictures like this one as opposed to more traditional photography.

Truthfully, I’d rather talk about traditional photography. I know what I’m doing. I have no idea what I’m doing when I create something like this one. It’s rare when I have a clear intent of what I want something like this to be.

Mostly, I just tinker until I find the magical combination. That’s fun, but very hard to teach. I guess I could just say one of the current buzz phrases. “You do you.”

That’s not very helpful, I know.

In space.


‘all really like yesterday’s post. Strong black and white images can really draw your attention in a place where almost everything is some sort of color.


As usual, I turned left while I had you looking right.

This picture is really accidental. I was trying some layering. I used one setting and the background went white and just some color popped through. I enhanced it and I was done. For once, I left well enough alone.

And, that’s it.

All a dream.


ven though I did a lot to this picture in post production, I’m staying with only one column. I decided to do a lot of work to this picture because I wanted to experiment in a couple of ways.

Before we get into that, my doctor’s office’s ears must have been burning. They called me. They wanted to reschedule my appointment. I came close to hanging up. I thought better of that, and rescheduled my appointment for after Christmas. But, I also told them that they could expect a note from my attorney. That caught the bookers attention. She asked if I wanted to talk to my doctor. I called her bluff and said yes, knowing that he wasn’t in the office on Monday. I haven’t heard from him yet.

It’s Tuesday.

Do no harm. Indeed.

The picture is really a bunch of baby experiments rolled into one. I realized that I’ve made this picture in the past. And, the past before that, and that, and that. So I tinkered with it until it looks like nothing you’ve seen. Or, that I’ve seen. Ever.

It’s amazing what desperation can do. I’m desperate a lot.

Sometimes, with desperation comes messiness. This picture is really a mess.

A touch of orange.


irst, the title. It’s a children’s song about autumn. It’s just weird enough for me to like it. The music is fun too.

The picture is quintessential fall. All those golden colors contrasted against the evergreen leaves. That always makes my day.

I hope this picture makes yours.

Green, green, green.


ike the caption says.


Another late night experiment courtesy of sleeping at the wrong time. I think that this is gonna be an ongoing theme.

Sleep for art.

You seen one of these pictures somewhere down the line. The tree and the buildings. You haven’t seem it with leaves in layers. Nor, have you seen it in green.


That’s the color of spring. Not autumn.


Art is art. It comes when it comes. If you try to channel it you block it. It just flows from somewhere — the universe — through me to all of you and beyond. That is, if it’s right.

I think this one is right. I use the phrase I think because I don’t want to appear as an egotistical maniac even when there are days when the phrase barely touches the surface.

We all have days like that.

I think.

It all comes down to this.


any folks have asked me on various social media if I photographed Hurricane Ida.

Yes and no.

I was a little busy weathering the storm and its aftermath. But I did make a few frames that I’m slowly turning into my version of art.

This one is pretty simple.

It’s storm drain that I cleared prior to the storm’s arrival so we wouldn’t flood. Apparently, I did my job since we never flooded. Plenty of other, wind-driven stuff happened that made up for it.

As we started to dry out I noticed some mossy areas starting to grow in the shade so I made a few pictures of that.

When the time was right, I started working with them. Don’t ask me how I got here because I don’t remember. I do know that there were a lot of starts and stops along the way.

After all, the important stuff is simple. The simple stuff is hard.

All fall down.


inally. A leaf that looks like fall, or at least, that it fell. Sometimes around this place you have to be patient. That’s hard for me. I want it now even though I talk about letting the picture take you. Or, I say to stand in front of better stuff. What if there isn’t better stuff?

Maybe you stand near the tree and shake it. As long as the leaves fall by themselves what does it matter?

It matters to me.

I guess it’s early career training. Don’t touch anything. Don’t move anything. Don’t arrange anything.

Then, Instagram creeps in. Need a graphic device? How about an umbrella?┬áNo rain? No problem. No wetness on the street? Don’t worry about it. If not, copy somebody else’s work. Derivative? Sure, but fake until you make it.

Now that Facebook is Meta (data about data) I’m pretty sure that Instagram will do something silly. Both Meta and Meta junior are trying to compete with Tik Tok by forcing videos on us made by us.

For me, forcing me into some meta verse will be the death of social media. It’s hard enough living in the real world. Now, you want me to live in a fake world?


Are there real fall leaves in the meta verse? Leaves that I can pick up and smell? Leaves that I can photograph?

It’s always something.

Southeastern Fall Color and Light.


old weather and chicken stock. Isn’t that what you do when it’s cold? Cook something. So, that’s what we did.

Then, I sat down to write this.

I’m always influenced by what, or who, I’m listening to. This time, it’s Brandi Carlile reading her book, “Broken Horses.” It’s bringing up all sorts of emotions. You know how they say, “I laughed, I cried…” Well, that just about says it all.

Let’s just put it this way, personal stories aside, she talks about what it takes to succeed… at anything, although her story is about music.

She’s making me sad for what I haven’t done. For when I haven’t worked hard enough. For all the time wasted.

You know, feelings that I think we all have. If you are lucky, they pass without too much worry. If you are me, you worry. That’s been my constant theme for the last year or so. I’ve made a little progress. Maybe that’s enough.

For now.

More and more and more.


et me tell you a story.

A little over six weeks ago Hurricane Ida blew through. While her rainfall didn’t do too much in my neighborhood, 155 mph winds did.

They blew down almost every kind of cable and power source. Our power company, Entergy, did the best the they could and had us repowered in about two weeks. Cox followed right behind. They all picked up their damaged goods and cleaned up their messes.

Along comes AT&T. They got their service repaired but picked up nothing. The foreman flat out lied and said they would pick it up the next day.


Now comes my calls to their corporate office. Do you know how hard it is to reach an actual human being at AT&T? I lied my way through their switchboard when I finally reached a maintenance and repair division of business accounts.

I reckoned I was trying to get a business account — AT&T’s — looked after. Heh. They said the problem would be taken care of within a couple of days.


Yesterday I called The District Attorney of Orleans Parish and filed a criminal complaint. At their suggestion I also filed a civil suit.

Since their corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and my attorney’s office is also located there, I filed in Dallas County, Texas.

Nobody wants to go to court there.

I doubt that I’ll recover the ten million dollars in damages I am asking for, but I’ll finally get their attention.


All they had to do was finish their job.


et me tell you another story. A better one.

I took a stroll in a place that I rarely do.

Look what I found. I found autumn in the pine needles and mud.

That made me happy because we are drifting between the moment of early fall and real fall.

This is when I get really impatient. It’s not cool and there aren’t enough red leaves. t’ll get here soon enough, but until then…

Grumble, grumble, toil and trouble.

The picture is easy. Expose properly and there is no work in post speak of.

There is an interesting thing happening with the block design. Every time I try to do some actual design, the system messes with me so I eventually give up and go back to this kind of page layout.

It’s boring, but at least I can do it.

It’s clean and minimalistic.

That’s good.

For now.