Light. There would be no photography without it. After all, we know that photography means painting or writing with light. In many ways, this picture is the essence of it. The bushes are wet, the sunlight found the water droplets and this is what we have. I’m sorry to say that even though I compressed […]

It’s only love It’s only love You know how it feels Feeling is easy I know When I was young When I was young You know It was real My heart was open But now I know I know I know I know better I’ve been shown The other side And now I see the […]

The middle day. The so-called hump day of the business week. That is if you work five days a week in something like a 9 to 5 job. I don’t  know anybody like that. I was working into the late night after taking a mid-day break. A short one. Same kind of day, today. It […]

Often, I like to look at art that isn’t a photograph for inspiration. You know, like a painting. Or, drawing, or, even something more three-dimensional like sculpture. Make no mistake. I can’t do any of those arts. But, they give me new and fresh ideas. They influence my work. Often, it shows up immediately. Mostly, […]

I was looking for nature when we took our River Road drive. I found as much as I could photograph in a pretty short time. This stand of trees is not unspoiled nature. It is part of the land belonging to the Destrehan Plantation… one of the oldest homes in Louisiana. A little history. The plantation was the largest producer […]

Here it is. A flower photographed from a flower’s level. A Spring picture. A yellow picture. As the Counting Crows’ Adam Durwitz sings in Jumpin’ Jesus, “why have so much yellow for?” I dunno. I just do.

I couldn’t think of a title, so I Googled songs about spring and flowers. That sort of worked. There are some pretty bleak songs about a season which is all about rebirth, beauty and light. Even Frank Sinatra wrote that he has no ambition or desire to do anything because nobody loves him. Whoa. Sinatra? […]

In Southeast Louisiana, as it is in all semi-tropical places, the spring and summer months are traditionally the rainy season. Even though a bit of April seemed dry, the region already has surpassed its normal rainfall for this time of year. Rain fell yesterday and even though the sun is shining — weakly — this […]

An easy picture today. Something to make you smile. The picture? Pretty simple. I just stuck my camera into a bunch of flowers and pushed the button. These days, with articulated LCDs, it is very easy to do. You just sort of have to find the right subject.