Open to the expressway.

Looking around.

Looking for subjects for my various projects — abandoned railroads, abandoned furniture, and unique examples of water — leads me to other places and things.

Like this one.

This is a gated fence, probably for road workers, that has been broken wide open. By itself, it’s meaningless. In the context of what you are looking at, it’s very dangerous. Beyond that guardrail in the mid-ground and in front of that bright grassy area, lies a two lane expressway. It’s an entry point where drivers are starting to put their foot on the gas pedal.

I’m was shooting from a residential area. Imagine if a child found this place. Or, a dog being chased by a child found this place. It could be a true tragedy.

I attempted to address it, even though his would be a great place to work during the blue hour. Deep blue, silhouetted trees, speeding cars. Wowie zowie. A picture in my back pocket.

The folks who maintain the road say it’s the property owner’s responsibility. The property owner says that it’s not on their property.


Crossed pointing fingers. Nothing gets done.

As a country, we are doing pretty well with that now. Aren’t we?


Parade Remainders -1
Remains of The Day.

We are a messy bunch in New Orleans. And, we like parades. Mardi Gras. St. Patrick’s Day. Super Sunday. Easter. Second Line. Jazz Funerals. And, probably a lot more that I haven’t of. When we parade, we party. We make a mess. We don’t mean to. But, we do. ┬áThink of us as three year old children. This is what it looks like afterward. But, not to worry. With so many parades spanning so many years, the city has figured out way to clean up our mess. I made this picture about 45 minutes after the last float passed by. About 45 minutes later, this street — St. Charles Avenue — was cleaned up. I’d say as good as new. But, very little is new in New Orleans. Oh, and by the way. I should clarify something. Most people in New Orleans party when they attend a parade. But, not me. Usually, I work. Yes. I’m pretty boring.

The picture. Very simple. I put the camera down on the street. Yes. Right on the street. I turned the LCD up so I could see what I was doing and made a bunch of pictures. That car in picture? That’s a police car. He officer saw what I was doing and he pulled his car up blocking the street. I guess he thought that he didn’t want the street cleaners picking me up in addition to the trash. That was very nice of him.

The toothbrush? I have no idea. It is a throw from a float rider. But, I don’t know why.

Spring 3
Trees, flowers and the sun.

So. I went out looking for one kind of picture. I came back with this. What’s a young photographer to do? Or, an old one. For that matter. The picture? Walk around and find it. When I did. I made a few frames. 158 to be exact. I got my shoes wet. And, I almost slipped in the mud trying to get to the picture as I envisioned it. This is an example of the old saying, “If the picture isn’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” Robert Capa said that. I won’t tell you what happened to him next.

More from my summer roads series. There is one problem with this picture. I’d forgotten that it’s been around a bit. When I Googled Tres Piedras his picture comes up as number one on Google images and number 9 in general Google search results. That’s okay. It’s part of my editing project so those of you who have never seen it, will finally see it. Those of you who may have seen it can have sort of an encore.

Here are some things I should have known, but I just learned. It’s located at the crossroads of Highways 64 and 285. I think that’s how I first stumbled upon it. It’s located just past the Earthship Landing Zone in Taos County, New Mexico. Figures. Well, earthships are off the grid, self-sufficient homes that are pretty much organically constructed. Sometimes they are made of trash. Actor Dennis Weaver owned one build of old tires. They seem to work well and have become very expensive to buy.

The picture obviously got a little help in post production. Lot’s of painting going on here. But, if you ask me what exactly I did, I probably can’t tell you. Sorry, but I was just experimenting at the time. No matter what I did to this picture, one thing remains. It’s old. I think I’d better go make some new summer pictures.