A summer day at the lake. A southern summer day. A New Orleans summer day. A summer day in New Orleans that folks who aren’t from here probably never think about. They think about the French Quarter. Maybe Magazine Street. About parades. Mardi Gras. And, food. We have our peaceful places too. This is one […]

The heat index is supposed to be a brisk 110 degrees. Today. In June. That means the actual air temperature will be somewhere near 95 degrees. But, our unbearable humidity makes up the difference. There are hot weather advisories all over the place. Stay indoors. If you are outside wear a hat. Take lots of breaks. Drink water […]

A little peace. Right about now we could all use a little peace. The world is an angry, insane and violent place. Right now. If we work at it, we might be able to bring it back to some semblance of sanity. Of peacefulness. Of kindness. The key word is work. As, I once read. Faith without […]

This is it. This about as far as you can go east and still be in New Orleans. It is in a place where three lakes come together. Lake Ponchartrain. Lake Borgne. And, Lake Catherine. For those who have been following my last few posts, this is just a bit further east than the picture […]

Stormy skies. For a stormy week. Believe it or not, this is New Orleans. Admittedly, it’s way out there. On one side, there is Lake Ponchartrain. On the other side is Lake Catherine. Straight ahead is the Rigolets Pass, which eventually leads to the Gulf of Mexico. This view is from Highway 90, the old […]

Every now and then I remember to head east. Towards Mississippi. But, not into the state. Just to the edge of Louisiana. I pass by the edge of Lake Ponchartrain where I usually have a look around at what is left of Lincoln Beach and the old amusement park. It is mostly gone now after […]

So. I borrowed a line from a brand new Neil Young song for the title. It’s called “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” (And, Save The Earth). He’s played it about every way that you can play a song. Solo with an acoustic guitar. With a version of his noisy sock n’ roll band, “Crazy Horse.” And, […]

More Water. A little peaceful. A quiet Friday. Thankfully. This place. Lake Ponchartrain. Many of you have seen it at dusk and sunset. That’s when I like to work. This is a little different for me. The scene looks like a nice summer day. It’s not. I made it two days ago. Autumn. Fall. Of […]