Happiness on the rock.


reckon we could all use a bit of color. It’s Friday. We sort of made it to someplace else. The weekend. I’m not excited about that. Working from home sort of tones that down. But, this is the start of Carnival and that means something even though I can’t photograph it.

But, during parade time I can wander down the street and stand at the far edge of the crowd and see some floats, maybe catch a bead or two. I’ll be targeted because…

I haven’t cut my hair in a long time. My former stylist shop’s employees refuse to wear masks. Do you honestly think that I’m going to sit in a chair with someone breathing down my neck? For that matter, I haven’t brushed or combed it away from warm lights which made it look brownish-blonde. I finally looked at it in daylight. Oh my. It’s very silver. I look my age.

So, I’ll be targeted for beads tossed to me gently because I’m such a broken down old senior. Little do they know. I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If I weren’t afraid of getting sick and dying I’d be in the front of the crowd making pictures.

The president said, among other things like condemning the former president, that we were going to have to get used to living with CoVid-19. Or, is that a warm up for a speech in Atlanta? I forget.

I ought to be a government adviser. I knew that almost from day one. Read about pandemics for five minutes and you knew where this was headed. The Spanish Flu is still around after 100 years. The strain of yearly flu that comes along right about now is a descendant of that.

I was ready until I wasn’t.

Who knew that other factors would come into play?

Christmas balls everywhere.

Now it’s Christmastime.

I found this picture.  Actually, the dog who sees things found it. My head was wrapped in thought. Or, fog.

I walked right by it. The dog saw the shiny object and had to investigate. Good thing too. I had a back up picture for today, but it is plan B and all that it implies. How last-minute is this picture? I’m writing this at 11:40 am Central Standard Time. I according to my phone, I took it at 10:48 CST.

The dog saved me yet again.

So. What was I thinking about?

Going forward, I suppose it could be called. If this messed up Republican budget plan gets passed, it strips away a lot of deductions that are normally there for artists. Artists of all stripes. Photographers. Painters. Musicians. Designers. The list is endless. Somehow, I just know that it’s going to stretch into entire industries. This is going to hurt all of us. Then, there is the next step. Tax revenues are bound to fall. The current crop of Republicans will use that as a trigger to cut Social Security benefits and Medicare. I’ve paid all my life into those accounts. Now they are going to try to claim that I can’t have that. Hmmm…

I wrote, yesterday, that my real home is Long Beach, California. I may visit there, but if this budget and thinking goes forward, I’m pretty sure I’ll never live there again. I’ll probably pass through the Pearly Gates (I hope)  from some place like Costa Rica, or Peru. Or Hong Kong, or Thailand. That sounds exciting. But, those places aren’t home. And, as you know, I have really mixed thoughts about New Orleans. And, Brooklyn.

The picture. Oh that. 🙂 See it. Press the button. Do a little post production to make it pretty. And, stuff.

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Oh, what can I say about these pictures? They speak for themselves.

I guess I can tell you not to give up. On anything. I tried to work in one neighborhood of the city and it wasn’t happening. The places that are normally lighted well for Christmas, weren’t. I don’t know why. I started to head back home, thinking to myself “maybe better luck tomorrow night.” I got a couple blocks from my house and I saw this place. I took these pictures. I’d like to take a bow and say that I did a good job. But, that ain’t so. The owners of this house did a great job. I just stumbled upon the scene and managed to get the exposures right.

The person taking a picture? I met a couple of women who traveled to New Orleans, one from Australia — originally from England — and her friend who still lives in England. They came this time of year because they read that New Orleans is a special place during Christmas Season. I’d have to agree with them on that one. I’ve been to a lot of places and there’s no place I’d rather be for the holidays. Besides, it’s home. Who doesn’t want to be home for Christmas?

One more thing. I’m getting very fascinated with the picture within a picture thing that’s going on with smartphones.

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Taking a Picture
Taking a Picture

Christmas Bears
Christmas Bears

There is a guy who owns a home at about Pitt and Dufossat streets, just one block on the river side of St. Charles Avenue. There are some New Orleans directions for you. Every Christmas he decorates it extremely well. With Teddy Bears. All kinds of Teddy Bears. Big ones. Little ones. Funny ones. Flying bears. Bears in parachutes. His house is like a beacon at night with the lights and the bears. He used to hold a one night tour for $10 a person. All of that money goes to charity. This year, he’ll do tours on demand for the same price. Still, the money goes to charity. While I was photographing the house, maybe 20 cars passed. People stopped, got out and took pictures. I think I took more pictures of these passersby with their smart phones and cameras than I took for my own work. I’m happy to do it. I like watching little children’s eyes light up when they see this place.

This picture is a teaser. I’ll post a lot tomorrow night. We are all sick with pretty heavy colds, so I may not get out as much as I would like to in order to make Christmas pictures. So, I need to be a little conservative with how many I post.  Luckily, I made a lot of pictures during the first half of the week. So, I think that I’m good.

Are you getting the picture? I went directly from all those second line parades to couple of commercial jobs and then on to Christmas pictures. We never close. Except for most of yesterday and today. I slept a lot and watched Netflix movies.  This Sunday is important. It’s that time of year. Caroling at Jackson Square. The best event in the French Quarter. I want to be well enough to work on Sunday night, without falling on my face.

The picture. Just see the picture and shoot it. A little post production to clean up the bokeh — the background — and make it pretty.