Curly headed Cocker Spaniel.

Yes. This is the dog.

The dog who sees things. The dog who leads me to pictures. The dog who demands walks.

The picture was made from above. Here’s the story. If the weather is just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Bright. Sunny. A slight breeze.  She will walk to a certain point and just stand there with her nose in turned up in the air. Then, she sits. Enjoying the nice day.

That’s great if she is in the yard with the rest of the dogs. They all do about the same thing. Sometimes in one area. Sometimes, about as far away as they can get from each other. Dogs need a break too.


If we are walking, as sweet-tempered as she is, she can get stubborn. You can’t move her from enjoying the day until she’s ready to move.


What to do? What to do?

I just take pictures. Usually, I look at my surroundings. But, the morning light was so pretty that I decided to take a few pictures of her. Not normal portraits. Pictures of body parts. At least the ones that I could see while she was sitting.

I really like this view. The top of her head. As winter comes on, we don’t trim the dogs as much as we do for summer. Right now, she looks a little poodley even though she is a cocker spaniel.  Once I started dragging the picture around in post production all the little hidden colors started to emerge. Oddly, she’s not gray. She’s buff with a little white trim. I know that light and shadow have different basic hues so, one side of her head looks golden. The other, sort of blue.

Happy weekend.

Mike Keller waits on a customer at his store, the Keller Market Food Store.
Mike Keller waits on a customer at his store, the Keller Market Food Store.

This stuff drives me crazy. The internet and its lack of accurate information. I’ll get to that in a minute. But first, a few words about this picture. A few days ago I mentioned a guy that I know – grocery store owner — called Mike Keller. The store is called Keller Market Food Store. I wrote that he had been shot and wounded three or four times. I said that he also shot a couple of bad guys. All true. There’s more. I’ll get to that in a minute as well.

I thought I should show you just who this guy is, and what his store looks like. So. This is Mike Keller. This is his store. He’s worked in the store since he was a pre-teen. Or, as we call them today, a tween. His grandfather built the store as what was called a public market in 1831. Or 1868. The WPA renovated it in 1936. Or 1939. It was demolished in 2005. But, I photographed it in 2012 and 2013. We’ll get to this in a minute.

So. The store is a throw back. They still sell products that my mother used. In 1958. Or that my grandmother used. In 1938. Prices are somewhat reasonable and the store accepts WIC cards — like food stamps — as well cashes checks, takes in bill payments and sells disposable phones. It seems like most of the nearby community likes Mike. And, he seems to treat his customers fairly. But, the store gets robbed from time-to-time. Mike fights back. It’s probably not a good thing. But, he does have a lot of street cred. And, some bullet scars.

Back to this information thing. I’ve run into this before when I was trying to do some serious research. There is not one website whose information about the Keller Market Food Store that agrees with another. One website that seems relatively academic and erudite claims that the store was built in 1831. The property was leased for 15 years, renewed for another 3o years and finally sold to a man who I guess is Mike’s great-grandfather. It isn’t clear. This website is the same one that says the building was renovated in 1936 by the WPA during the depression, and that it was demolished in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina damaged it. Well. That’s a pretty amazing fact considering I was standing in it last year and this year. I though it might be a new or different building. So I looked at the pictures. Nah. Same building. Same building next door. And, the same building behind it.  Another website says it was renovated in 1939 by a private construction company that had nothing to do with the WPA.

So. What do I believe? What should I report? I’d ask Mike. He might have some of the correct information. But, this is New Orleans and likely he doesn’t. Too many bullet holes. Probably, he’ll only know the stories that his family passed down. Those may or may not be true. Or. They may be enhanced, or embellished. Or. For some reason the past might be covered up. Who knows?











Here are a few of my older portraits. I’ve been organizing them to do something with them. What? I don’t know. I keep saying an addition to my website would be good, or a real old school print portfolio but it seems that I don’t have the time, the place or the energy to get it done. I guess I’ll have to get going.

Anyway. These picture were made in New Mexico and New Orleans, before the storm. The cowboy is Archie. He owns a huge junkyard in Moriarty, New Mexico. The American Indian (or Native American, if you prefer) is an artist who shows his work in Santa Fe. And, the guy singing is a Mardi Gras Indian who I photographed during a second line parade in New Orleans.