All the blues and greens.


efore you ask, and I’m glad that you might, I’m good. I’ll stay on the lookout. As they say, no news is good news.


ack to my band of the hour. I’ve drenched the house in their music. They are very, very good. They may be one of the few “new” bands that I’d actually go see. They are touring, so you never know… as long as I don’t have to be in the audience.


bout that. You know that with my CLL I cannot build any immunity from my vaccinations. That limits me and that doesn’t make me very happy.

Well, well, well… along comes a new drug called Evusheld which combines two monoclonal antibodies. It is given in two injections.

This could be a game changer.

Isolation stops. Street photography returns. I can actually be around people that I don’t know well. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Now, if I can just get my oncologist to prescribe it. I don’t know why he wouldn’t. But, doctors, you know?


lue and green. I like how the colors work together. I like the shapes that are found in this photograph. They are jagged like broken glass. You never really know how pictures combine when they are layered until you see it. That’s why there is so much back and forth when I make this kind of art. It takes some time.

Just like many things I suppose.

Into the green, out of the black.



It took me a while, but I finally figured something out. I say that photography and music are very similar in approach. And, they are.


There is one huge difference. One that matters most.


When a musician plays with another musician they create a musical conversation. They talk to each other through their instruments. Think about the famous guitar duels between, well, any couple of guitar players and you’ll understand.

Stephen Stills (his birthday yesterday) and Neil Young come to mind. Their duels are stuff of legend.

But, they are not duels. They are a musical conversation that has lasted almost 60 years. It’s probably one reason that they remain friends despite all the ups and downs of their various bands. Today, even though neither of them play live much, they seem very happy to see each other when they share a stage.

That, and age.

The things that seemed so very important in their youth don’t seem to matter much now.

Funny how that happens.

Conversation is important. That’s a large part of what fulfills you. Visual artists of any genre don’t have this. We mostly work in solitude. Sometimes with assistants, but mostly alone. Our fulfillment comes from the inside.

Doing that is hard.

If I only had a clue.


et’s start with this. Thank you to those of you who expressed your sympathies about my pain issues. I still haven’t heard from my doctor. I wonder how he’s gonna feel after about 75% of his earnings go into my pocket. Even though he doesn’t care about me, I take my life seriously.


nough of that.

I don’t know about this picture. It started out as a leaf with water droplets on it. Then, I did stuff to it. Endless stuff. For no reason. Now, the water droplets seem to have turned into flakes. And, it looks like an evil eyed lizard has appeared on the top leaf. It’s not. But, with my imagination you never know.

What do you think this picture is about?

If you tell me then we’ll both know. Heh.

Oh. Here’s something that might matter. My use of drop caps. I created a convention in the back of my head. Whenever I make a subject change I use a drop cap. Simple? I try to match color as best as I can, but WordPress isn’t exactly great on that.

So, you want it bluer?


et’s do some living… after we die.

I borrowed that line from a song. Maybe you know it. I do. But, I’m not talking. But, I will talk about 2022.

I’ve talked to some of you here. I’ve talked to some of you via Zoom, email, text, various private messaging methods and on the phone. We are all worried about the coming year.

We’ve been through almost two years of the pandemic. We’ve been scared, we’ve been angry and sad. Now, I believe we are mostly just tired. We are not sure of how much more we can take.

Bill Gates wrote a piece about why we should be optimistic in 2022. We’ll see because it’s not just the pandemic we have on our minds.

There’s other issues to worry about, not the least of them is climate change. I just read a long piece written for The National Geographic by an author whose job used to be to observe the Arctic. He wrote a very well received book about it.

He and his son paddled through the area a few months ago. The drastic changes scared him. There was no place the couldn’t paddle through. Ice had melted. Areas that had been deep permafrost now have none. The deep frozen plants looked like a bunch of defrosted spinach. His words, not mine. Worse, the temperature was in the 90s. They had to use bug spray to ward off the mosquitoes. It was hot enough at night that they couldn’t sleep.

This is just a peak at what we can expect. I’ve lived through two 100 year hurricanes in 16 years. New York City gets flooded with any major storm. People living in basement apartments drown in their sleep. California and the west burns every year wether it needs to or not. Friends joke about going to the beach for Christmas. Big deal. We can do that down here too. The difference is that it is supposed to be warm down here.

The answers are well above my pay grade, but the appear to be above the pay grades of the people that we elect to get us out of this mess. Don’t even get me started on science skeptics. Or, the people who got their medical degree from the University of Facebook.


The picture is my well intentioned Attempt to create art that talks about our current place in the cosmos. Maybe it works. What do y’all think?

The soft underbelly.

This stuff never changes. It’s swamp growth. It doesn’t care what season it is unless it’s super¬†cold with temperatures down in the low twenties. Then, like every other plant, it dies. But, it grows back in a fairly short time.

So, my year starts today. A friend of mine suggested that I start my year on my birthday rather than January 1 or even on a financial quarter. I think that’s a pretty good idea. So away I go.

In Memphis.


atching up. Or, Ketchup.

Just as I predicated, violence begets violence. There was a protest in Wisconsin. Black people came out to protest the Rittenhouse Verdict. Standing guard on the perimeter where serious looking Black men armed with long guns also known as AR-15s.

That verdict made everyone fair game on the street. We can be our own judge, jury and executioner whenever we feel the need.


oving on.

Covid-19 is starting a very slow surge just in time for the holidays. Nationally the numbers have grown by about 20,000 infections per day. Some states like Vermont who had the virus well under control are seeing a pretty steep rise. The government says about 70% of the country have gotten their jabs. The real number is 50.1%.


loser to home.

You might recall that I’ve complaining about a slow computer that was slow to download,¬†slow to open websites, slow to do anything internet related, which is to say, just about everything. When it started happening to others in the house I thought, wait a minute. I started researching and learning about browsers.

Normally, the browser that comes with your computer is the best one for you. Being Mac people we use Safari. It turns out that Safari should be good except that Apple packed it full of functions that most of us don’t need or want. The next browser could be Google, but it’s Google and all that it implies.

So. What to do? What to do? More investigating revealed that Opera might be the one for us. I downloaded it, installed it, brought over my bookmarks and set to work. It was life changing. It’s faster than anything I’ve ever used. Websites, including this one, open in a couple of seconds to open. Zoom is solid. Spotify is solid. I can even use Instagram on my big machine.


nd, finally.

Today begins my 68th trip around the sun.

A touch of orange.


irst, the title. It’s a children’s song about autumn. It’s just weird enough for me to like it. The music is fun too.

The picture is quintessential fall. All those golden colors contrasted against the evergreen leaves. That always makes my day.

I hope this picture makes yours.

Green, green, green.


ike the caption says.


Another late night experiment courtesy of sleeping at the wrong time. I think that this is gonna be an ongoing theme.

Sleep for art.

You seen one of these pictures somewhere down the line. The tree and the buildings. You haven’t seem it with leaves in layers. Nor, have you seen it in green.


That’s the color of spring. Not autumn.


Art is art. It comes when it comes. If you try to channel it you block it. It just flows from somewhere — the universe — through me to all of you and beyond. That is, if it’s right.

I think this one is right. I use the phrase I think because I don’t want to appear as an egotistical maniac even when there are days when the phrase barely touches the surface.

We all have days like that.

I think.

Green knight.


here’s no mystery to this picture. See the subject, talk to him for a minute and ask if I could photograph him.

But, I wanted to open up the picture and turn it into something the verges on the edge of high key. That meant dropping out a lot of background detail which I did. By doing that I sort of highlighted the church in the background which made a great background for a green knight.

In fact, the more I look at the picture as I write, the more I think this is a great portrait. It’s not the usual Mardi Gras parade photograph. It’s something else entirely. It almost has a very stylized studio-like feeling. This may be something else to explore a little.

If I do everything I’ve said I wanted to do, I would never have to leave the house again except to go on the road. I doubt that I’ll accomplish everything especially since we just bought the farm.

No. Not that way.

I mean that we just spent a lot of money for a house in the country. And, some land. 80 acres of it.

Something to keep us busy in the new year.