Flowers, water, and grass.


pside down. That’s what’s happening to my days. I go to bed early, as in early in the morning. I get up late, like around noon. I’m not sure why my body is doing this, but it’s fine with me.

The weather is very hot and humid. Summer in southeastern Louisiana.

Walking during the day is draining. Walking at 3 am isn’t so bad. Nobody is ever out in my neighborhood so I don’t worry about bad guys.

I just have to remember to do the things that are expected, like Storyteller, before I go to bed. That’s kind of the long way of telling you why I’m late.

I mentioned this to friend who suggested that I just go to bed earlier. It doesn’t work that way. All I do is toss and turn for an hour or two.

So, I might as well make the best of it.

Sometimes, I work a little bit rather than read or watch a movie. I have to be careful with that because it stimulates my brain which keeps me awake even longer.

That would be a problem.


little magic. That’s what it took to make this image.

There are two images that were layered in such a way that the bottom image almost doesn’t show up.

You’ll be amazed when I tell you what the bottom image is.

It’s pool water that I darkened to the point that it turned greenish black.

Then, I layered those little flowers on top. These flowers, by the way, are smaller than a dime in real life.

I also removed some darkness from the base layer once I had the flowers in place.

That’s all there was to it. Ha!

Like A Painting

Winter Light

Golden Light

Still not feeling well, so it’s back to the files. Even though I’m very happy to be home in the green, luscious Southeast Louisiana, I sometimes miss the desert. There is something clean about it. Pure. The light is powerful. The colors pop. It’s just as hot. But, oh yeah. It’s a dry heat. As opposed to our wet and soggy heat. I friend of mine sent me a short comment for yesterday’s desert post. I said something like we or dry heat, it didn’t matter. He said, “It matters.” Yeah. The difference is like getting out of an oven and stepping in a steam room. I guess it matters. At least being here, my skin has a nice healthy glow as opposed to the days when I lived in the high desert of New Mexico, and my skin was taking on a nice lizard like feel.

Anyway. And, so on…

These pictures were made at various times and in various places.

Like a Painting was made in Joshua Tree, California. It is truly one of my favorite desert places. Usually, if Southern California has had a somewhat wet winter, the desert near Joshua Tree just explodes with colorful desert bloom.

Winter Light was made in Northern New Mexico, as I was wandering around north and west of Taos. Another favorite place.

Golden Light was made at Vasquez Rocks which is in the California desert between Antelope Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley in a mountain range called Sierra Pelona. You know the area from many movies and television shows. The rocks themselves have been called “Kirk’s Rocks” since they were in so many episodes of Star Trek.