Painted Flower
The easiest one.

A nice Friday picture. It came pretty easily. I though that I could make a nice artistic statement. It was very simple. And, I had been looking at it for days without really seeing it. Sometimes that’s just how it is. This came after being lucky enough to hear The Dalai Lama talk today. It was a pretty amazing day. One of the coolest things to learn about him is his sense of humor. He told us that if we didn’t want to do anything about climate change then we didn’t have to… but it might be a good idea to move to higher ground so we could at least enjoy our new ocean view. A young girl asked him what his favorite New Orleans food is, to which he replied his favorite food was the food that was offered to him wherever he was at the time. Perhaps the most important thing that was not meant to be funny was also pretty simple… talk to each other.

Well. We decided not to travel. We need a little recovery time. But, this has been a very hard week. As a good friend said, there are only 11 days until Christmas. Rest. Recover. Start again. He was very glad that we stayed. I suppose that he’s right. When you are very tired, mistakes happen.

For some, it won’t feel very much like Christmas. The country’s heart aches for them.  So for them, if nobody else, here’s another Christmas picture. Red Christmas. Lights. Tinsel. Happy. I doubt that they’ll see it. But, it’s the energy that counts, isn’t it? I made this picture on Royal Street. In The French Quarter. In New Orleans. It’s more-or-less just a compression picture. Long lens focused tightly. It works for me. It looks like some kind of strange candy cane. I like that idea. Red and White

I had a request for some of my more “lyrical” images. I had to do a pretty deep file search since I usually keep my images organized by the actual shoot. Maybe I should change that and build files that reflect those sorts of themed collections. Since my files go back for years and years and years that would be a massive undertaking and it might be deprive of the joy of discovering missing gems. Well. Maybe not missing. But, tucked a way in a safe place. You know about those safe places. You can almost never find anything that is put in a “safe” place because that place is safe even from you. So, this  re-editing and creating new files will take some thought… before I even attempt it. If I attempt it. I don’t know that I want to be that organized.

This picture. I can’t even remember when I made it. It lives in a collection of images that I assembled for a nature thing I did a while back. That’s always a problem since I do not consider myself to be a nature photographer. In any way. When my pictures appear to be of nature, they were probably made in some small corner of a city or garden or something. I didn’t hike for ten miles, camp overnight and wait for the perfect two minutes of light. In my case, the light was there, The flower or tree or something was there and I saw it. I pushed the button and there it was.  So. Back to this picture. It’s a reflection. I likely saw it reflected in a light-colored car. It’s over exposed. But, that lends to the gentleness of the picture. I think it was kind of an accident. 

An image for a Saturday. This is a wind-blown photograph that was actually made in my backyard. In New Mexico. So, that makes it my former backyard. The technique in making this semi-painterly image is simple. It’s a variation of F-8 and be there. In this case, it’s F-22, be there, hand hold the camera and let the wind and natural body movement do the rest. Simple. You just have to frame the image in some way that gives it a little shape and form.

Why do I like this picture? The colors really do it for me. But, almost as important is the movement which implies a spring breeze. That’s good, because the motion was caused by a spring breeze.