A nice Friday picture. It came pretty easily. I though that I could make a nice artistic statement. It was very simple. And, I had been looking at it for days without really seeing it. Sometimes that’s just how it is. This came after being lucky enough to hear The Dalai Lama talk today. It […]

Well. We decided not to travel. We need a little recovery time. But, this has been a very hard week. As a good friend said, there are only 11 days until Christmas. Rest. Recover. Start again. He was very glad that we stayed. I suppose that he’s right. When you are very tired, mistakes happen. […]

I had a request for some of my more “lyrical” images. I had to do a pretty deep file search since I usually keep my images organized by the actual shoot. Maybe I should change that and build files that reflect those sorts of themed collections. Since my files go back for years and years […]

An image for a Saturday. This is a wind-blown photograph that was actually made in my backyard. In New Mexico. So, that makes it my former backyard. The technique in making this semi-painterly image is simple. It’s a variation of F-8 and be there. In this case, it’s F-22, be there, hand hold the camera […]