Open to the expressway.

Looking around.

Looking for subjects for my various projects — abandoned railroads, abandoned furniture, and unique examples of water — leads me to other places and things.

Like this one.

This is a gated fence, probably for road workers, that has been broken wide open. By itself, it’s meaningless. In the context of what you are looking at, it’s very dangerous. Beyond that guardrail in the mid-ground and in front of that bright grassy area, lies a two lane expressway. It’s an entry point where drivers are starting to put their foot on the gas pedal.

I’m was shooting from a residential area. Imagine if a child found this place. Or, a dog being chased by a child found this place. It could be a true tragedy.

I attempted to address it, even though his would be a great place to work during the blue hour. Deep blue, silhouetted trees, speeding cars. Wowie zowie. A picture in my back pocket.

The folks who maintain the road say it’s the property owner’s responsibility. The property owner says that it’s not on their property.


Crossed pointing fingers. Nothing gets done.

As a country, we are doing pretty well with that now. Aren’t we?


A few weeks ago I posted a picture of an old falling apart house that was located out a country road. A day or so ago, I ran into its city cousin so I decided to photograph it in much the same way. In the musical world, I guess they would call that covering myself. In the publishing world, I guess I would be plagiarizing myself. No matter. The first was one was my picture so I just consider this variations on a theme. The thing about doing this in New Orleans is that there are many abandoned houses within the city limits. But, it is very rare to find the old iron fences. Mostly, they are stolen and sold for either scrap or to an antique dealer. Usually, an antique dealer located on the Northshore. Of Lake Ponchartrain. Why there? The dealers don’t know where the old fence came from. Or, so they say. The picture,itself, was easy. I was just walking down the street and there it was. It probably won’t be there the next time I go to that place.