Frozen Again

  Summer. Now, I’m seeing pictures everywhere. The ten best pictures of summer project is coming along nicely. Much to my surprise, so is the dumpster project. My book projects are in the phase of, “are we there yet?” We were doing a little grocery shopping when I turned down the aisle in the frozenContinue reading “Frozen Again”

Blue Art

New work. Imagine that. Just when I said. Oh, never mind what I said. I never really know what I’m talking about. Coffee comes from Amazon. In pods. For a Nespresso machine. However, none of our coffee comes from Nespresso. It is very expensive and I don’t like the parent company’s — Nestle — standContinue reading “Blue Art”

Round Things

A very interesting thing happens when I complain loudly on Storyteller. WordPress changes their ways. A few of you tried to help out. I really appreciate that. Way more than you know. The solutions that you offered didn’t work out because under the basic formatting, looks a little different from your formatting. Mine costsContinue reading “Round Things”

I Got Free

Finally. I got loose. They can’t catch me. I headed straight to Chinatown. In San Francisco. I took pictures. I ate. I took some more pictures. I ate again. In a moment of kindness I bought a lot of take away food for the others. Not that they deserved it. Sheesh. The pictures. I tookContinue reading “I Got Free”

Where Are They?

I was promised a taco truck. On every corner. Where are they? We live on a corner. That means I should be able to see four taco trucks from my porch. There no taco trucks to be seen. We’ve even looked in all the potholes on the street. Which is to say, just about everywhere.Continue reading “Where Are They?”

Hot Tamales

I should never have posted this picture. Now I want a tamale. It’s not that I’m hungry. I just want one. Just so you know, a tamale is Mesoamerican food. They originated in — wait for it — Mesoamerica somewhere around 8,000 to 5,000 BC. They were road food. Usually armies and travelers ate themContinue reading “Hot Tamales”

St. Roch Market

St. Roch Market. When I photographed it, it was not my intent to use it as a symbol of how far New Orleans has come in recovery. Or, how far we have to go. After thinking about it, it really is the perfect jumping off point for that discussion. First, a bit of history. St.Continue reading “St. Roch Market”

Makin’ Po’ Boys

This is my kind of portrait. There are all kinds of portraits. Some are very formal. Some are a little more casual. Some are a little more like photojournalism. There are all sorts of other styles and genres. Then, there are environmental portraits. Those are portraits that shows a person in his environment. Hopefully, they are made inContinue reading “Makin’ Po’ Boys”

Number Tree. Tamales.

There’s a funny thing about tamales. Just about everybody thinks they are a Mexican dish. They aren’t. Not in the south. Yes. It’s true that a version of them have been around since the Mayan period — around 1200 BC — but they were wrapped with masa. They still are. In the rural south, theyContinue reading “Number Tree. Tamales.”

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