This is a fine example. An example of not letting pictures marinate long enough to see the good ones. The subtle ones. The slightly hidden ones. As you know, I photographed the Dumaine Street Gang second line a week ago in Treme. I showed you a few pictures, moved into my comings and goings and […]

A hard picture to make. And, a very lucky one. Sometimes I like to shoot into the crowd. Wait, wait. That’s not what I meant. I’m not that guy. The crazy guy. With too many guns. Let’s try this. Sometimes I like to photograph into the crowd. There. That’s better. I like to do that […]

I came out. To the streets. Of the place. I thought that I’d photograph the Dumaine Street Gang second line. It was mostly fun. I worked it in slightly  different way. I set out to photograph little slices of it. Trying to capture the entire sense of the second line is almost impossible in Treme’s […]

Color. That’s today’s topic. But, first just a bit about the subject matter. The content. This is the second division of the Dumaine Street Gang second line parade. These guys seem bent on attracting more people to the parade by sheer force of bright color. So, I did whatever I could to show the color. […]

Sometimes. Singing looks like yelling. He’s singing. How do I know? I was there. How do you know? Look at those nicely lined up trumpets — and one trombone — in the background. Look at all those happy, but cold people, in the background. Singing. I am sorry to say that I don’t know this […]

17 years. Yes. That’s how long these guys have been rolling. The Dumaine Street Gang. No. Not the kind of gang that you are thinking of. This is another social club. They help people. Aside from jazz funeral second lines that are held to honor some locally well-known person who has just passed, this is […]