Into the green, out of the black.



It took me a while, but I finally figured something out. I say that photography and music are very similar in approach. And, they are.


There is one huge difference. One that matters most.


When a musician plays with another musician they create a musical conversation. They talk to each other through their instruments. Think about the famous guitar duels between, well, any couple of guitar players and you’ll understand.

Stephen Stills (his birthday yesterday) and Neil Young come to mind. Their duels are stuff of legend.

But, they are not duels. They are a musical conversation that has lasted almost 60 years. It’s probably one reason that they remain friends despite all the ups and downs of their various bands. Today, even though neither of them play live much, they seem very happy to see each other when they share a stage.

That, and age.

The things that seemed so very important in their youth don’t seem to matter much now.

Funny how that happens.

Conversation is important. That’s a large part of what fulfills you. Visual artists of any genre don’t have this. We mostly work in solitude. Sometimes with assistants, but mostly alone. Our fulfillment comes from the inside.

Doing that is hard.

Like a painting

All the news that fits. But, first the picture. It’s actually a layered picture containing a scene on a New Mexican highway and a Jefferson Parish expressway. Mostly, it’s the New Mexican photograph that rose to the top of the layer. Obviously, it’s heavily worked over in post production.

I wasn’t sure how far to take it, but the further I went the more I liked what I was doing. That’s important. If you don’t like your work, stop doing it.

Eventually, two photographs became one and became a watercolor painting. Or, something like that. It also became mostly about the gentle color since the main subjects are almost blurred beyond recognition.

That’s the picture. The painting.The watercolor. Here comes the big news of the day. I’ve been struggling for the last few years to decide the viability of having two sites. Storyteller, a blog site. Or, Laskowitzpictures, a website that contains a blog.

WordPress made the decision for me. I received an email saying that they couldn’t bill me for next year, starting on November 18th. They also commented saying almost the same thing except my new year started on December 18th.

They can’t bill me because I intentionally disconnected the link to my credit card because I wanted to know when my billing date was due. In the past they’d bill me and then tell me that done that. Of course, I could dispute it but that’s a PIA. Or, they’d tell me way in advance and I’d forget about it.

I need the Website more than I need the blog site, so I won’t be paying for what you see currently. I think what I’ll do is downgrade to a free version of Storyteller, post less, maybe three times a week and remove my images from the WordPress archive. That’s not a big deal because every picture I publish here goes into a file on my desktop.

Once I can figure out how to link you to then I’ll let this version of Storyteller drift away into the clouds. That may take a while. Or not, since my energy will only be focused on one site.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Look after each other. VOTE.

A surprising day.

What a nice day. The hurricane called Delta seems to be turning west, so much so that New Orleans is completely out of the cone. With two days to go, anything could happen. I feel 90% safe. I am worried for the people of Lake Charles. They were devastated by one hurricane, hit by another and this one could be their third in only a few months.

Remember, I have a soft spot for Lake Charles. They took me, and a lot of other New Orleanians, in when we had no place to go fifteen years ago after Hurricane Katrina flooded 80% of the city.

The day was warm, but not hot. However, the all seeing dog was very lazy today. Our first walk was very good. Our second walk was short because she wanted to take a shortcut home. That’s when I found the flower. Even in her laziness she lead me to something pretty.

I also received some good news about a potential assignment. It’s good news because it’s an idea that I pitched. That doesn’t happen very often for anyone these days. We’ll have to see how it goes during the payment offer phase of the conversation.

I’m trying to keep national news out of Storyteller, but the president, in his last few months of power, is tweeting craziness. He’s scaring a lot of people including me. Doctors say that steroids have a lot of side effects. One is that they change your mood and the other is they affect your ability to think.

Don’t make me say it.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Take care of each other.

Purple. I really like the color purple. Truth be told, it was the yellow that first caught my eye.

Between the purple, green and yellow (gold) we have Mardi Gras colors. At least for Mardi Gras past. I’m pretty sure that we will not celebrate Carnival in 2021.

If The White House is a super spreader, just think about the streets of New Orleans with people competing for beads.

Already, a couple of krewes are opting out.

The more I work with my smartphone the more I’m starting to dislike it.

There was another operating system upgrade a few days ago.

One thing that Samsung added was a patch over the LCD when you are photographing. It’s a little circle. Theoretically, the patch tells you the best version of the picture according to sharpness.

Does this picture look like it was ever sharp?

I had to turn it into something weird in order to publish it.

I just wish technology companies would leave well enough alone.

Color, light and softness. A ride along Rampart Street at night.
Color, light and softness. A ride along Rampart Street at night.

Nothing but light and color.

This picture came at the end of a walking shoot through The French Quarter. It is really my classic drive by shooting style. We’ve talked about that enough so I won’t bore you with it. But, there is a huge change. It came from the technical challenges the light, the color, that row of lights, night and motion… not for me, but for the camera. You know that when I shoot this way, I set the camera on auto-everything. I let the camera do its thing since I have something else to do. Like drive and not kill somebody or myself. Neither of those would be good things. So, I let the camera work.  I suppose the focusing module didn’t know what to focus on. So it focused on nothing. When I pressed the button, the camera made this picture. I helped. A little. I steered. I thought this picture was pretty cool when I started doing my curating. I have another version of it. The scene is a little more in focus. But, this one struck me. I like its feel. It has a very dreamy quality to it. So I borrowed the title from a song. I’ve used it in the past. That’s why it’s number four.

Where is it? I get that question a lot. It’s on the lake side of Rampart Street. Rampart Street was the dividing line between the Vieux Carre (The French Quarter) and the rest of the city. There used to be a rampart there. It was built to protect the city. Well, The French Quarter. The rest of the city begins with Treme. It was the first suburb in the entire country. It is the home of jazz. At one time, the first university in New Orleans was there. Oh yeah, a piece of the infamous Storyville was located there.  And, lately it is the name of a celebrated cable television program.  I guess you could say that was  in Treme when I made this picture. Or not.