Iberville Housing Projects. They were built in 1940 as part of the Wagner Act,  a Federal plan to subsidize housing for  low-income families. They were low-rise, built of brick in the super block configurations that were considered attractive and modern in their time. By the 1970s most of them had deteriorated to the point where they […]

For those of you who have been around for a while, you might recognize this place. It’s falling down at a very rapid pace. If you look between the two windows, you’ll see a giant rusted metal sheet. I think it covers a window. There used to be a painted of Our Lady of Guadalupe attached […]

When I write Storyteller, it’s usually late in the evening. I usually listen to music. It falls into what has become a sort of trendy genre. Americana. It’s all over the place. Most senior musicians say, after hearing that they now fall into this “new” genre, “Oh, I’ve been playing that for years. It just […]

So. A friend of mine suggested I return to the scene of this crime and photograph the changes. I reckoned I could do this maybe once a week. The changes might be tiny, but at least I would know when they happened. So, last week I returned to “the place.” It’s across the street from […]

There is a place in New Orleans called Mid City. It actually includes bits of a lot of neighborhoods. It’s big. It’s also blue-collar and there is little or no tourists stuff there. It’s a real neighborhood. A lot of famous streets pass through it. Canal Street. Carrollton. Tulane Avenue which is the terminus of […]