Summer in New Orleans

Summer in city. This was probably the last second line of the season. The weather turns too hot and humid to walk after the first week in July. We resume during the second week of September. The joyful dancing woman and I had been flirting photographically for the past couple of weeks prior to myContinue reading “Summer in New Orleans”


Mardi Gras Parades. All about motion. Movement. Energy. Often, it’s hard to show that. Motion is thought of being better portrayed on video. I don’t make videos. I do it using still cameras. I’ve done that since the days of film. For a time, I made my career on that. The trick is to findContinue reading “Motion”

Then This Happened…

It’s exactly what you think happened… if you look at the entire sequence. He looked at me. I looked at him. We nodded to each other. Up he went. Right over me. Imagine that. All of this to brass band music since they were passing by right at that moment. The pictures. I suppose thatContinue reading “Then This Happened…”

The Second Line Season Begins

The first one. The first second line of the 2018 – 2019 season. Seems like just about everyone came out. I saw folks that I haven’t seen in almost a year. I saw old friends. I made a couple of new ones. It was loud. There were great smells from vendors who were¬†barbecuing. It wasContinue reading “The Second Line Season Begins”

The Dance

Dancing flowers and a dog walk. I was a little late to this place. Still there was a little spring color left to catch my eye. It took some work, in the field and in post production, because this group was a little out of reach for my smart phone. If I actually got seriousContinue reading “The Dance”

The One

St. Joseph’s Night. Uptown. As the Mardi Gras Indians emerge from the club that is their dressing room, other unsuited Indians play and sing them out. For the unsuited Indians it is a tradition and a show of respect. They play as if their lives depend on it. For me, it’s how things start. Loud.Continue reading “The One”

Cuttin’ Up

See them dance. See them dance dressed in red. Passing by on the street. It’s a pretty dramatic sight. Sometimes it’s a little hard to photograph. My way. You can do it easily with a longish lens. I can’t seem to do anything the easy way. I had to use that 10mm – 18mm lensContinue reading “Cuttin’ Up”

Brass Bands and Other Things

He kept posing for me. That was great. You know me. I wanted a little more. I dropped down and photographed looking up. This gave the musicians sort of an iconic look to them. It also cleared out some of the background which was a little too noisy, especially with a very wide angle lens.Continue reading “Brass Bands and Other Things”

The Second Line

And… There you go. The Original 7 Junior Steppers second line and Mother’s Day parade. In all its glory. In all the joy. In all the celebration. I don’t know exactly what more to say. Maybe, just to say that we won’t be denied. No matter what happens, we’ll still come out. And, I hopeContinue reading “The Second Line”

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