We could all use a little more magic right about now. So. I photographed storm clouds right before they dumped rain upon us. I added some post production. Well, a lot of post production. Eventually, I made this picture. I can smile at this picture. Maybe you can too. The weekend. I mostly stayed away […]

Symbol. That’s what this picture brings to mind. A symbol. I saw this little weed growing through a gap in the concrete and I knew. I knew that we would keep on hanging on through this dark time. A time of uncertanty and fear. A time of outright greed and corruption. And, that’s not out […]

A little Friday art. Pure art. The picture is as I saw it. Very little post production on this one. It’s meant to be soft and gentle. It’s meant to be a break from real life. A little peace. A little quiet. I could stop right here and wish you happy Friday. You know me. […]

Ah yes. Purple. Purple Furble. I don’t know why that old joke came back to me. Back in the old folkie days, when songs were heard in a haze, a friend with whom I grew up heard the wrong words to a song and said, “Oh wow. Purple Furple.” This may be due to “learning.” […]

On the way to someplace else. That’s me. I actually made this picture while I was standing around. During Mardi Gras. I suppose it’s a Mardi Gras picture. Or not. Even though my job is to make pictures, I only do that about 20% of the time. I spend the other 80% doing stuff. Or, […]

Some how. Some way. This post, originally scheduled  for noon my time, was posted into a sub category under the heading of “New Orleans, but where do I go?” That was going to be a more touristy sub site of Storyteller. I’ve never actually developed it. I did nothing different from my usual routine. If […]

Mardi Gras. Things are taking shape. The city is getting ready. Decorations are popping up everywhere.  Normally they are green, gold and purple.  I have no idea why these are red. Or, why the skulls are featured. But, the whole thing caught my attention. Hopefully it will catch yours. The picture. Oh, you know.

I saw the light. I saw the color. Sometimes shadows are bluish. Especially to digital sensors. They like shadows. They like cooler colors. They don’t always like warm colors. Especially yellow. I play to that when I’m just looking around. Sometimes, people think I add to color when I don’t. I just look for it when […]

Apparently I’m having a problem spelling blue. When I wrote the caption it took three tries. Bure. Bule. Buel. What can I say? It’s all in the details. Just like this picture. Of course, the color caught my attention. But, the details are what held it. Look at all that stuff going on in there. Tagging, […]