Outside Looking In

We all watched something two nights ago that we shouldn’t have. They called it a debate. I’ve heard also sorts of negative descriptions. They all fit. I can think of some worse ones, but they aren’t fit to print. I read that the folks who host the debates are going to change them. I readContinue reading “Outside Looking In”

Half The Sky

Changes in the weather can be extreme. Yesterday, the high temperature was 86 degrees. Today, we likely won’t get much above 60 degrees. I love it. The all seeing dog will love it. Some weather people are calling it a cold front. Maybe so, but it leads us right into cooler dryer weather. So. FallContinue reading “Half The Sky”

When the Truth

This morning’s readings were pretty bleak. I learned about the word deep. And how it might be the word of the year as it is currently used. Everybody seems to be diving deep into all sorts of data. Our personal data is no longer safe no matter what we do. I learned about post truth.Continue reading “When the Truth”

In the Winter

It arrived. Winter. All in one day. Yesterday, the high temperature was somewhere between 79 and 82 degrees, depending on which weather service or local media you believe. Today? 42 degrees when I woke up. 44 degrees when the amended dog walk took place. She’s not stupid. She’s a New Orleans kind of dog. WarmContinue reading “In the Winter”

In the Morning

In the morning. It wasn’t always my favorite time of day. I used to quote Bart Simpson who was really quoting Ricky Ricardo, who said, “There’s a 5 o’clock in the morning? When did they start that?”  For some reason, not the time change, I’m getting up earlier. Much earlier. I get to see skiesContinue reading “In the Morning”

An Experiment

I thought that I would take one of the  “dead flowers” pictures a little further. That was about the extent of my labor on this Labor Day holiday. Oh, we did other stuff. I’ll share some of that later when all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed. Meanwhile. This picture. The basicContinue reading “An Experiment”

Falling Forward Two

A little brown. A lot of green. Really a lot of green. Keep reading. You’ll see. Since I’m really not looking to document New Orleans right now, I’m spending a little time more close to home. Like my backyard. I think that 15 days of working really steadily burned me out for looking around. EvenContinue reading “Falling Forward Two”


Remember the yellow picture? It’s posted on my Laskowitzpictures page on Facebook. A lot of readers have commented on it. Well. Many people think New Orleans really doesn’t change all that much. They think we are steeped in tradition.  In many ways we are. And, we probably would have remained remain that way. But, HurricaneContinue reading “Changes”

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