At the end of day.


As the day comes to a close. I looked through the silhouetted trees, mostly bare from cold winter days and saw that faintest gleam of an orange sunset.

I decide to try to make a picture. This isn’t me trying to be cute by dropping the main subject into a tiny area of the picture. This was literally all I could see of what was a wonderful sunset.

I suppose if I had been some place with a long clean view I could have done something a little better. But, I wasn’t. I certainly couldn’t get there in the few seconds that this light was settling into the horizon.

Lately, that seems to be me. I’m out-of-place for almost every picture. Oh sure. I make the best image that I can. But, my work could be so much better. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or old age setting in. All these book projects that I have to do will be the test.


After I wrote about Pegi Young, we went grocery shopping. We like the middle of the week because every store is much less crowded. We went to Wal-Mart because we needed all kinds of stuff besides food. It used to be that we’d hit four or five stores, but this is easier. Besides, some of those stores don’t exist anymore. I suppose that’s Wal-Mart’s fault or Amazon’s.

I’m pretty sure the gods were following us. All of them. First, over the speaker system came, John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Then, Bowie’s, “Heroes.” At just that moment we ran into a group of people who are learning disabled. They are being taught how to shop and to take care of themselves. They are all friendly and kind. One shook my hand, gave me a fist bump and a high-five. When one did that, others followed. One of them hugged musical miss. Of course, she hugged him back. When we turned the corner and headed towards another aisle, she grabbed my hand. I looked into her eyes. Both of us had diamonds coming from the corners. So strange. Yet, so perfect. We just lived what I wrote about.

Listen, kids.

Don’t make me write about you. It just could come true.

Dark and glowing dusk.

Mysterious blue hour.

It happens like this sometimes. You look up and think, “whoa, what just happened?”

So. You take the picture. With your brand new smart phone. Amazing. The sensor seems to dig out everything. Color. Shadows. And, it holds the highlights without much work

Thank you for all of your good thoughts. As they say, no news is good news.

Update. I’m sorry to report that my friend passed last night in her sleep at 11:07 pm.

Burning sky. Or, so it seems.

Sometimes, the sky looks like it’s on fire. Of course, it’s not.

It’s just autumn light bouncing off the clouds in wonderful ways. It’s one of those things that you just have to be there to see.

Which brings me to this.

Recently, there have been a whole bunch of bloggers writing about breaking the log jam we call photographer’s block. You can also call it writer’s block. Writer’s have different issues to work through.


I’ll concentrate on photographer’s block. The tools for breaking it are fairly simple. If you can’t think of something to photograph, put your camera on your shoulder, go outside and take a walk.

Photograph whatever you see. It may not be your “photo-thing,” but carry on.  Even if you don’t develop your images, you’ll learn something about yourself. I have a number of friends who think that if they don’t travel, they can’t make a picture. That’s just silly. After all, that’s what Storyteller is about. For me, it’s a place to experiment and practice. I do that so when I travel, I don’t have to knock the rust off.

It’s as simple as that.

If you are still having a motivational problem, try a self-assignment. My favorite is to photograph, “What is it like to…” It can be anything.

You can even do it when you are traveling. Let’s say you are in Venice, Italy. Not the one in Los Angeles. Maybe your self assignment is “What is like to ride around in a gondola?” Something like that can break you away from the usual tourist pictures. If you want to check that out. Go to Google Images and type in your destination. Likely, there are millions of pictures of the thing you are going to photograph. Does the world really need another one?

At the end of that day, you are working in a Nike advertisement.

Just do it.

That’s my photo talk for today.

The picture. I was outside at the right time. With the dog. She wasn’t all that interested in going for a walk. She mostly just wanted to check things out in a small area. Perfect for me. I didn’t have to work on the move.

There is some post production going on. But, not much. Nature is the best filter.

You thought that I was done.


Let’s talk Instagram since many locations are calling themselves “Instagramable.” There is a rising backlash against that. It seems the many photographers, especially travel photographers, are copying pictures for the likes that they can gain. There is one group that collects pictures from different photographers to illustrate that. So, they’ll show you nine different pictures from nine different photographers that show the same thing. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

Street photographers are going so far as to say that Instagram is destroying their genre. Most of what street shooters claim to be their style doesn’t even come close.

The thing that I know and take away from those discussions is simple. Just because a thing is popular doesn’t make it creative.

As I always say, shoot YOUR picture. It may not be popular, but it’ll be yours.

One more thing. It’s the day to register if you live in The United States.

On Magazine Street towards dusk.

On my way. To someplace else.

Actually, I was sort of circling around. Going home from a casual meeting with writer Sharon Cathcart at the Hotel Montelone’s Carousel Bar. She is in town for a writer’s meeting.

We’d talked back and forth via comments here and on her blog. We decided to meet. We chatted and had a good time even though she was exhausted from getting up way too early for a cross-country flight. She writes a lot about New Orleans things. She says she feels at home here. Home is where your heart is, they say. Please see some of her work at


I made a few pictures at the bar. I made a few pictures in the French Quarters. I made a few pictures in the CBD. I made a few pictures Uptown. I just kept making pictures. I made more pictures. Even more pictures. I went too far. I even passed my home.

No worries. A right. A left. Another right. Another left. A one way street. A pothole. A minor traffic jam. And, I was home. And, another pothole.

The picture. It’s sort of a classic. Lower Magazine Street at sunset. It’s not a hard picture to make. You just have to be there at the right time. Currently, the right time is around 7:15 pm. You can plan that. Or, you can be lucky. I was lucky last night. Sharon and I could have hung out longer. I would have missed this. Or, we could have had an earlier night and I wouldn’t have been there. However…

I made the picture while I was rolling. I just let the camera do its thing and I kept driving. The speed limit is 20 mph. Slower is better since the street is normally very crowded. I did a lot developing and post production work this morning. I didn’t take long since nature did her work.