New Orleans from the Westbank.


‘ve had two useless days in a row. A friend of mine says there are no useless days. She’s wrong.

Let’s just start with today. We had a power failure before noon. The power companies estimate for restoring power was 4:20 pm today. To their credit they had us up and running around 1:15 pm.

When the computer shuts down like that it takes forever to get things running smoothly again. Apps are funky as well. It took me a good thirty minutes just to load this one. Even now I’m getting speed mystery type. That’s when you type, nothing shows up, and then a whole line of type appears.

At this rate, I’ll get about 15 minutes worth of work done in just four hours.

I decided to publish good pictures that you haven’t seen, no matter where I made them. We’ll start today with the City of New Orleans and our massive downtown. Massive if you live in some little place.

I’m not going to be photographing little pictures for a while. It’s just not the same without Sophie Rose.

You understand.


his picture is more about seeing than anything else. If you can’t see this you’d better quit photograph or else you are blind.

This is a fairly accurate representation of what I saw when I blindly stopped the car and made the photograph.

I did darken the picture which brought out more color. But, I didn’t add to the color. In fact, I scrubbed the mid-tones of the red on the ship to bring the color out.

That’s what I did, alright.

Oh yeah, the other useless day. Yesterday.

I awoke at about the normal time. I worked until about 10am when I started feeling groggy so I thought a little morning nap might be in order.

I awoke at just before 2:30pm.

Four hours.

I’ve been talking with some friends and they’ve been doing that too. We believe it’s our way of coping with extreme stress.

That’s better than a stroke or a heart attack.

Drifting on Bayou St. John.
Drifting on Bayou St. John.

This is a little different.

A friend of mine suggest that my view of New Orleans is a little twisted. She’s probably right. But, in my defense I really don’t shoot post card pictures. I photograph junk. Second line parades. Mardi Gras Indians. Jazz funerals. The French Quarter, Uptown.


I made this picture on my way to some place else. Actually, we were already at the place. I just turned around and saw this scene.

This is Bayou St. John. And, its surrounding neighborhood known as — wait for it — Bayou St. John. Once upon a time the bayou stretched from Lake Ponchartrain throughout the city into Broadmoor, over into Treme and the Carrollton neighborhood. At one point, there was a portage directly from the bayou to the Mississippi River which is a big reason why New Orleans was founded where it was in 1718. Today, that portage is Esplanade Avenue.

Once this was a very heavily used industrial kind of passage way. But, barges and boats fell out of favor as a method of transporting goods through the heart of the city after the Industrial Canal was dug and dredged further downriver near the Lower 9th ward.

Today, it’s a very pretty mostly residential neighborhood. Even though City Park is just around the bend in this picture, and the fairground where Jazzfest is held annually is within walking distance, this is not a very heavily touristic area.

With the exception of Bayou Boogaloo — the reason I made this picture — very few people crowd this neighborhood. Mostly, residents boat and kayak in the waterway. They don’t swim here because there is all sorts of junk in the water and from time-to-time alligators can make their way up the bayou.

I think the take way for many of you reading this, is pretty simple. Not all of New Orleans is what you think it is. There are quiet residential neighborhoods scattered throughout the city. But, even our quiet neighborhoods are a little different from the rest of the country.

I’ve spent a lot of  my life in Hong Kong. For me, it’s a kind of home. It’s probably one of my three most favorite cities in the world. I know it well. I photograph it in many different ways since I know the city so well. But, for this post I thought I’d show you a few of the things that a traveler who has been in Hong Kong for only a few days might see, photographed my way and with my post production. The pictures were made of Victoria Harbor, Sheung

Wan and Central. In the next few days, I think I’ll dig a little deeper in the city and show you a bit of my world.