These days. It’s hard to stay in the zone. To stay focused. To stay intent. I know this from my own actions. And, from those around me. I suppose it was the turn of the year. Even though many people claim not to make resolutions, in many ways we do. After a while — maybe […]

Today’s post isn’t about Maxfield Parrish. Sorry. I didn’t mean to mislead you.  The sky reminds me of his work. Now that I looked at some of it via Google Images, the entire picture reminds me of his paintings. I suppose that means I’m in good company. There’s one thing to look at. The thing […]

The headline isn’t a typo. It’s Latin. I’m pretty sure that only one of you who comments regularly knows what it means. No worries. I’ll tell you. “Do what you are doing.” That sort of falls in nicely with the discussions of the last few days. I read it in a New York Times piece […]

There. I did it. I broke the sky. Not really. I was just experimenting a little last night and I made this picture. The base picture was a silhouetted building and tree and the late blue hour sky. I started tinkering. I tinkered some more. And, just kept going. I’m not sure what I think. […]

I made a few new pictures. New work. Seasonal work. Spooky work. You’ll see. They say that all art is autobiographical. I agree. To a point. Even though I’m going through a burnt out phase, I’m not feeling dark. I’m not sure that you can really find that in my work because of the way […]

This is another one. It is a picture that I overlooked because I was trying to make a picture of the full moon. This picture obviously failed. Or, did it? If I was only trying to photograph the moon, for sure, it failed. If I was trying to make something a little different from the […]

It’s the time of year. In many ways, this is the prettiest time of year in Southeastern Louisiana. There are wonderful sunrises, except that I’m rarely awake to see them. I am awake to see the sunsets which have this exploding light sort of feeling. Funny thing. As much as I say I don’t photograph […]