Going back after a hurricane.


vents and memories of them last a long time. Eventually, we process them the best that we can. Musicians write songs, writers discuss what happened with their words.

Photographers and artists who work on paper make some kind of visual statement.

That’s what I did.

We hunkered down when Hurricane Ida struck on the exact same day — August 29 — that Hurricane Katrina did sixteen years earlier. We stayed because that was lockdown summer.

Think about that. What, if anything, does that mean?

I started documenting the destruction around me. It was hot sweaty work.

But, that’s not who I am anymore.

I started looking for subject matter that could be assembled and layered into whatever form my mind, heart and soul dictated. Working this way let my intuition take over and decouple my brain.

And, it is my kind of prayer.

You know, “the work is the prayer.”

Remember that. Always.


et me try to discuss some technique.

The original photograph was made of a big white cloud that appeared in the blue sky. I could see it between two buildings.

I composed it so that there is a power pole in the center. If you look closely you’ll a power line coming in from the right, but that’s where it stops.

Then I started tinkering, all the while never thinking about what I was doing.

I added the first layer which just made things look a little grungy.

That wasn’t enough depth so I added the trees and green stuff. Not only did it add depth but it muddied up the sky.

I tried to finish it in OnOne, but there was not much that I could do.

I knew the picture was complete.

Blue into the night.


ou’ll understand in a minute. You know, the title.

I’ve been making progress on the new and improved storyteller. It’s active now, but I haven’t published yet. I thought that when I activated it that this Storyteller might be inaccessible. I panicked for a minute until I thought about it. Ah ha! I knew where to find this.


I’ll tell you when, but http://www.Laskowitzpictures.com


efore I forget, WordPress sent me an email. I get those because I pay for this site. They are getting ready to upgrade to WordPress 6.0. Apparently, there are major changes in how we edit. One of the changes is called emersive editing. We can edit everything at once, using drag and drop tools.

You know what I think about this. And yet, they’ve asked me to be a beta tester. I really dislike beta tests. I used to do that for Adobe with Photoshop. Some of the bugs were so bad that they crashed my computer. Not the app, my entire machine.


his picture was a case of me messing around. I took the original picture as far as it could go, and then I took it further. The biggest change came when I dropped a border around it. Parts of the image turned pink.

I don’t know why.

Stormy winter evening.


‘ve been struggling to find topics to write about. I’ve been trying to keep my posts lighthearted but we are living through some of the worst times that I’ve ever seen.

The country is so polarized that I’m pretty sure that we can’t agree about the color of the sky. Now we’ve got the Florida legislature writing a new law that will protect white people from being made upset by things said about them. Talk about snowflakes.

In Virginia the newly elected governor who presented himself as being moderate during his campaign is turning out to be anything but that. He signed two executive orders. One bans teaching Critical Race Theory. The other bans masks in school.

Where do these people come from? A bigger question is what are they afraid of?

People like him keep talking about freedom. What freedom? The freedom to kill me? Or, you? Or, you and you?


few housekeeping matters. Email. I have email. After waiting for the happiness dweebs to respond I finally gave up and figured out how to validate Laskowitzpictures.com.

When they finally did reply, the first person was mostly worried about my non-renewal of my .net domain. They’ve been nagging me about that since I started the process of moving. I’ve told them more than once that I don’t need that address. That’s not good enough. I’ve cancelled that domain. There is a big red reminder posted at the top of my administration page that I continue to ignore.

I wonder what they are going to say when I tell them that I want to move all of you and my pictures to my new web and blog site.

I guess that I’ll find out.

Winter Light


his isn’t exactly what I meant. I’ve been trying to push back the distribution of Storyteller to about 5pm Central Time. I intended to do it by posting about an hour later every week until I reached 5pm. Oh no. I jumped to 3pm in about two days.

Oh Well.

A couple of folks asked about creating pictures like this one as opposed to more traditional photography.

Truthfully, I’d rather talk about traditional photography. I know what I’m doing. I have no idea what I’m doing when I create something like this one. It’s rare when I have a clear intent of what I want something like this to be.

Mostly, I just tinker until I find the magical combination. That’s fun, but very hard to teach. I guess I could just say one of the current buzz phrases. “You do you.”

That’s not very helpful, I know.

All a dream.


ometimes you can’t sleep. But that was okay because I slept too much the night before.

While I was laying there my past came into view. Both good and bad memories. I intentionally forced the bad ones away. Who wants to try to fall asleep with bad things in mind?

There were a lot of memories that were driven by intuitive decisions. You could say that I got lucky. But, I think luck favors the prepared. It’s sort of what I call photographer’s luck. If you don’t leave the house you won’t get lucky.

For the most part I photograph what I see. I talk about making pictures as opposed to taking them. You could ask me that if I work by discovery how could I possibly make a picture. That’s simple enough. I’ve been doing this for a long, long time. Every picture that I made in the past prepares me for the picture I make today.

I don’t make pictures by machine gunning around. I shoot enough to capture the scene. Usually, that means compositional moves. It also means capturing action — when I shoot too much — or waiting for the decisive moment or expression. A lot of that is hand – eye coordination. The more you do it the better you get. It’s practice, practice, practice.

That’s what I think.

Mystical blue.


ystical, magical and very blue.

This was really a test. What happens if I turn a white statue blue and add leaves? Now we know. It looks like this. Sort of mysterious. Sort of like the garden of good and evil. This is another picture that took some time to make. I think about twelve years. I started it in New Mexico. I finished it in New Orleans.

That’s the picture.


emember how I mentioned that every big digital company has a different story? Yeah, well I still don’t have email.

Go Daddy did their job. They transferred everything to WordPress. WordPress mapped my site but forgot to say how I link my email to Google. I found that out by looking through about a billion pages of documentation. Google is opaque. Their methodology changes without documentation. They are so walled off that you can never talk to a human being. Ever.

I need to place a Google token somewhere in the foundation of the new Storyteller. But, I don’t know what a token is suppose to be. I think of tokens as of pieces of metal that look like a coin. You used them to get on a subway or bus. Obviously, that ain’t it. I’ll have to figure this out.

Steven Jobs once said of Apple computers that the technology should be running in the background allowing us to focus on doing whatever it is we do. Obviously, the rest of the digital world disagreed. They make their products impossible to work with “under the hood.”

You are really on your own these days.

And, so it goes.

Into space.


pace. The final frontier.

This picture was assembled from bits and pieces of other pictures. I’d say it was layered, but it wasn’t exactly that. Normally, I lay one entire picture over another. This time I laid a portion of a picture over the base and blended until you can’t see the edge. It took some time, but I learned a lot.

That’s almost more important to me these days than repeating myself.


ow to the point of the post.

I’ve managed to work through the process of creating a second Storyteller using my preferred address of Laskowitzpictures.com. Preferred because I’ve used it since the 1990’s. I’ve also moved hosting from Go Daddy to WordPress.

That was in an effort to keep it simple. It wasn’t simple.

That said, I have a few questions. I’d like to focus on certain kinds of pictures. As sort of a test I post pictures to various social media platforms and it seems my best response is to “real” pictures, not the art that I mostly post here. Even here, the highest response that I’ve seen in January was to the black and white picture of the welder. I’m not sure if that was because the technique or the content.

So, what would you like see?

This is really important so please take a couple of minutes and help me out.

A note, the minute that I activate the new blog, this place will be hard to find. It is Laskowitzpictures.org. The new location will be Laskowitzpictures.com.

I’ll let you know when, but it will be sooner rather than later because at this point I cannot access my email.

In space.


‘all really like yesterday’s post. Strong black and white images can really draw your attention in a place where almost everything is some sort of color.


As usual, I turned left while I had you looking right.

This picture is really accidental. I was trying some layering. I used one setting and the background went white and just some color popped through. I enhanced it and I was done. For once, I left well enough alone.

And, that’s it.

All the blues and greens.


efore you ask, and I’m glad that you might, I’m good. I’ll stay on the lookout. As they say, no news is good news.


ack to my band of the hour. I’ve drenched the house in their music. They are very, very good. They may be one of the few “new” bands that I’d actually go see. They are touring, so you never know… as long as I don’t have to be in the audience.


bout that. You know that with my CLL I cannot build any immunity from my vaccinations. That limits me and that doesn’t make me very happy.

Well, well, well… along comes a new drug called Evusheld which combines two monoclonal antibodies. It is given in two injections.

This could be a game changer.

Isolation stops. Street photography returns. I can actually be around people that I don’t know well. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Now, if I can just get my oncologist to prescribe it. I don’t know why he wouldn’t. But, doctors, you know?


lue and green. I like how the colors work together. I like the shapes that are found in this photograph. They are jagged like broken glass. You never really know how pictures combine when they are layered until you see it. That’s why there is so much back and forth when I make this kind of art. It takes some time.

Just like many things I suppose.