Curly headed Cocker Spaniel.

Yes. This is the dog.

The dog who sees things. The dog who leads me to pictures. The dog who demands walks.

The picture was made from above. Here’s the story. If the weather is just right. Not too hot. Not too cold. Bright. Sunny. A slight breeze.  She will walk to a certain point and just stand there with her nose in turned up in the air. Then, she sits. Enjoying the nice day.

That’s great if she is in the yard with the rest of the dogs. They all do about the same thing. Sometimes in one area. Sometimes, about as far away as they can get from each other. Dogs need a break too.


If we are walking, as sweet-tempered as she is, she can get stubborn. You can’t move her from enjoying the day until she’s ready to move.


What to do? What to do?

I just take pictures. Usually, I look at my surroundings. But, the morning light was so pretty that I decided to take a few pictures of her. Not normal portraits. Pictures of body parts. At least the ones that I could see while she was sitting.

I really like this view. The top of her head. As winter comes on, we don’t trim the dogs as much as we do for summer. Right now, she looks a little poodley even though she is a cocker spaniel.  Once I started dragging the picture around in post production all the little hidden colors started to emerge. Oddly, she’s not gray. She’s buff with a little white trim. I know that light and shadow have different basic hues so, one side of her head looks golden. The other, sort of blue.

Happy weekend.

A cat takes a stroll on a hot summer sunset.
A cat takes a stroll on a hot summer sunset.

As many of you know, I sometimes make my best pictures on the way to some place else. This picture is an example of that. I went to The Bywater to photograph something in particular. We’ll get to that in posts over the course of the next week. Let’s just say it has something to do with on of the last dirt alleys in New Orleans., rumors of it being a place where pirates once walked and, a place where voodoo and hoodoo is practiced today. There. I’m sure that got your attention.

I found that place. And, I made those picture.

As I was leaving The Bywater, the sun dropped below the clouds and turned everything orange. For those of you who are wondering, this is as I saw it. No orange filter. No manipulation in Photoshop. Just nature. The sun was so low and so bright that I really couldn’t even look into the viewfinder or LCD to focus. So, I used auto focus. I had to. It was so bright that I couldn’t even see the details of the scene with my naked eye.

But, I could see everything once I started working on the images. And, what do I see? A cat taking a stroll in front me. That’s the picture. An accidental picture. Little Miss or Mister made my picture without either of us knowing. it.

This is an older picture. I made it in Portugal at their version of a bullfight. I say their because it differs greatly from the spanish version in that the bull is not killed in the ring. The bull is either restored to health or is butcher by a professional butcher far away from the audience. The horseman or woman is called a Cavaleriros and are dressed in 18th century costumes. But, since this picture is more about the horse… It is a Portuguese Luistonos. They are skilled in dressage and trained to fight in the bull rink. That’s all I really know.

The picture? Well. It’s old enough to made with Fuji Velvia. I probably rated an ISO 50 film at either 40 or 32, which was determined to be a better setting at the time. The painterly feel is due to a slow shutter speed and pretty wide aperture combination that I used at the time. Yes, the colors have been popped a bit in Photoshop. But, not much. They didn’t need to be.