Another fall afternoon.


hat a nice warm fall day we had. I’m ready for the heat of summer to go away, but I’m not ready for the cold of winter to arrive.

The light has been especially pretty. I did miss the sunset of sunsets on Saturday evening, but this is the time of year when one sunset leads to another. It’s the time of year that photographers in the deep south cherish.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and make some memorable pictures. As you know, I think it’s less a function of luck than it is being there.

You know. Go outside, walk around at a certain time of day and you’ll get “lucky.” It’s harder now because the other dogs like to walk during the day. The all seeing dog liked to walk around dusk. I miss that dog.

That’s where I have to stop.


his won’t take long. Not, that I don’t want to talk with you about pictures. But, there is a reason I ended as abruptly as I did on the left side.

This picture is a result of looking at the wonderful light and thinking, “Oh my gosh.”

You push the button a few times and that’s it. The picture is done.

There is absolutely no post production except for a bit of sharpening.

A summer’s day.

A summer’s afternoon. In the south.

It’s hot. It’s humid. It rains almost very afternoon.

It takes a while to get used to it. If you’ve moved from some other place, you’ll think that you died and went to hell. But, slowly if you stop staying indoors and spend some time in the heat, you’ll come to like it. Sure, you’ll gripe about it. You’ll pass the time talking to neighbors about it. You’ll try not to work in the noonday sun, because after all, only mad dogs and Englishman do that. But, you’ll get used to it.

And, those afternoon storms. They only last a while. The suck up the humidity. They cool things down for just a bit.

The picture. Honestly, I saw it. I made it. I positioned the lens so that the clouds are as important as the trees. I took some time getting the colors right. Some sensors have a little trouble being too red. Those trees could have looked like they were on fire if I let the image have its way.


Parade Remainders -1
Remains of The Day.

We are a messy bunch in New Orleans. And, we like parades. Mardi Gras. St. Patrick’s Day. Super Sunday. Easter. Second Line. Jazz Funerals. And, probably a lot more that I haven’t of. When we parade, we party. We make a mess. We don’t mean to. But, we do. ¬†Think of us as three year old children. This is what it looks like afterward. But, not to worry. With so many parades spanning so many years, the city has figured out way to clean up our mess. I made this picture about 45 minutes after the last float passed by. About 45 minutes later, this street — St. Charles Avenue — was cleaned up. I’d say as good as new. But, very little is new in New Orleans. Oh, and by the way. I should clarify something. Most people in New Orleans party when they attend a parade. But, not me. Usually, I work. Yes. I’m pretty boring.

The picture. Very simple. I put the camera down on the street. Yes. Right on the street. I turned the LCD up so I could see what I was doing and made a bunch of pictures. That car in picture? That’s a police car. He officer saw what I was doing and he pulled his car up blocking the street. I guess he thought that he didn’t want the street cleaners picking me up in addition to the trash. That was very nice of him.

The toothbrush? I have no idea. It is a throw from a float rider. But, I don’t know why.

So. My newly redesigned blog site met with huge acclaim. Two people responded to it. They liked it. No matter. Around here we just keep going.

This picture. Hmmm. It is Photo Month in New Orleans. I’m not in town, but I’ve been looking at all the art awards online. I must confess that I don’t get it. The winners are called picture stories. That’s great, except they have no beginning, middle or end. They show no process. And, they don’t complete a portrait of a person or a place. Those are things they taught us when I was in photography school. The winners are just a collection of things that I suppose could be called a portfolio. But, there isn’t much energy or life to them. I guess photographic art has passed me by. With luck, I’ll be back in time to attend a few seminars and learn a thing or two. Or not.

So. Back to this picture. I selected it as sort of an homage to the winning pictures in the NOLA Photo Week. I actually made it just before I left. I didn’t think all that much of it at the time, but I liked the lines, the contrast between the old and new corrugated metal and the bit of nature creeping back into the picture. It may tell a story if you stretch a bit. And, I’m not sure you can call it art. I did have fun processing it. Maybe that’s all I can expect. Fun processing a picture. Lucky me.¬†