Early in the evenin’ just about supper time, Over by the courthouse they’re starting to unwind. Four kids on the corner trying to bring you up. Willy picks a tune out and he blows it on the harp. Down on the corner, out in the street Willy and the Poorboys are playin’ Bring a nickel; […]

Whew. Indeed. We had a little power failure. Living down here in swampville can get weird at times. For the winter solstice the temperature was around 78 degrees as a high. Today, about the same thing. Very humid. So humid that the ground is wet. But, there is no rain. However, the temperatures will drop […]

Sometimes I’m asked to make a portrait. Hopefully, the asker knows what I do. And, what I don’t do. While I reasonably comfortable working in a studio and can light just about anything, that’s not what I do. There are guys who are really good at it. Some can turn a white background and the […]

Yes. I’m back to experimenting with my work… on Sunday. I used to do this a lot. I call it “Experimental Sunday.” Imagine that.  But, I’ve gotten away from it. Before I talk about this picture, please let me apologize to those of you who have already seen this portrait on Facebook or Twitter. I […]

Even though we mostly hung out with the man with whom we shared a little sadness, I just had to look around. It’s what I do. I kind of liked what I found. The high energy of a second line parade had dissipated. People where just standing around chatting. If you asked permission to make […]

Most of you know that last week was a bit rough. Anytime you attend two funerals in one week, you know it’s rough. But, today the sun sort of shined in a little different way. We were out looking for pictures, when I decided to pass through Treme. There are local jazz musicians hanging out […]

Once I was photographing a big jazz funeral and I needed a little height, so I hopped up on a stoop. Then this young guy hopped up to next to me. He was pretty cool. Every time that I would lean out too far, he’d brace me by either hanging on to my belt or […]

Let’s see. I think it’s time to go back to Central City and work on what I started. First, though, a quick little trip to the west. Memorials and funerals. Stuff I’d rather not do. But… well, you know. Obviously, I’m finally beginning to feel a little better. No fever. No headiness. Just a bit […]

I don’t really have a New Year picture so I thought I’d publish a celebratory image. The Blue Indian. He is a Mardi Gras Indian masked for a parade that I happen to photograph. I sort of like his colors. You don’t normally see blues and whites as a motif. This New Year Eve is […]