Seeing the flag.


his post started down a different path. I was going to post a whole bunch of flag pictures. As I was organizing this page I’ve been listening to an Audible book.

The book is called, “How to Write One Song” by Jeff Tweedy, the founder and front man of the band Wilco. The book is about creativity and what that really takes.

So, I began again.

I thought about America and what we are. We are people. All people. White, Black, Brown, Yellow and Purple.


That’s my way of saying either everyone matters or nobody matters.

Here’s a little portfolio for your Fourth of July viewing pleasure. For those of you in countries that today is just another day, please enjoy my work.


y pictures in this little portfolio are what I saw on a particular day.

The technique is simple.

F 8 and be there. I go out and make pictures.

I have a pre-photographing routine that opens my eyes and heart and turns off my brain.

The resulting images were made by using that non photographing routine.

And, a bit of photographer’s luck.

Early morning breakfast stop.

French Quarter Reflections

Glasses in the Window

In The Window
Reflections of Reflections

Walking through The French Quarter the other night brought me to these pictures. I really haven’t worked on them in a long time. When I look back at the last few months work I find I’ve been working on bigger pictures. Buildings, street scenes, bridges, river, big sunsets. That sort of stuff. So, I thought that it’s time to look a little closer at the details… especially those found in French Quarter windows, which are always entertaining. And some, not so much. The top picture is a good example of “not so much.” There are so few un-gentrified buildings in The Quarter, that this one caught my attention. I hate to say this, but I could see it from half a block away. The rest of the buildings on the street had new coats of paint, nice window finishings, gleaming metal work. But, not this one. It was showing its years. The middle picture was made at my go-to shop. If I can’t get started, I take a walk on Royal and look at this shop’s windows. There is always something visually fun to look at and photograph. Finally, a look in a shop window. You can just guess what caught my eye. The mirror. It was a bright beacon in an otherwise darkened store. And that’s it. ¬†Happy 4th of July if you live in The United States. If not, happy doing whatever you are doing day.