Painting with Light

Reflections and light.

Reflections and light.

Painting with light.

Isn’t that the definition of  photography? It is in Greek. Or, it literally means writing with light. Light can be all sorts of things. Reflected. Transmitted. Bounced. From the front. From the back. From the side.

I wrote earlier that if I photographed Mardi Gras long enough this year that I would get tired. And, bored. It was at that point, every thought would switch off and I’d just see and react.

That happened.

I made these pictures and a lot more storytelling moments in about 30 minutes. If that long. Then I had to sit down. My body doesn’t like me anymore.

Sure. Some of these pictures are made using my old tricks. But, some aren’t. I’ve never made a picture through a bass drum before. The light has never been so golden for so long. Reflections didn’t sparkle and shine like these. And, I’ve never managed to group four trumpets in one frame.

I’m pretty sure that this will be my last Mardi Gras. At least, in New Orleans. I know. I know. I say that every year. Or, something like that. I’m pretty serious. It has become very rare when I make a picture that is different from the last years take. Or, the year before that. Or…

If I think about it early enough, or plan it properly, I may go to Mobile, Alabama. That’s where Mardi Gras really started. The New York Times seems to have just discovered that. Or, I could go upriver into Cajun country. A friend of mine photographed that for the Geographic a few years ago. Another friend goes, I think almost every year, and seems to like it. Or, maybe I’ll just go to St. Barts. That’s a French island, isn’t it?

There is housekeeping below the bottom picture.

Light through the bass drum.

Light through the bass drum.

Some housekeeping.

I made a few changes in Storyteller’s architecture. I turned off the form the requires your personal information if you want to follow me. I’ve never liked that when I follow somebody. I didn’t know it was a default. Now, it isn’t. Freedom for you.

I also turned off my email for every “like.” No worries. I can still see them within WordPress. My email was getting clogged to the point that I would read right over important emails. And, I never could cut it down below 300 emails waiting to be read. I can still see your posts and comments via email.