I talk or write a lot about what it “feels like to…” or the “sense of” or the feeling… What does that mean? I think pictures affect us on a lot of levels. Sometimes, they amuse us or make us wonder. Sometimes, they simply are documentary images. But, sometimes we get lucky and make a […]

After talking about the garage sale and its benefits and discussing making pictures of those dolls for yesterdays blog, I thought it might be a good idea to explore the weirdness I saw, so I began photographing them away from the sales area. In fact, I did it the next day when I could control […]

A good — no make that great — place to look for images that fit into the Picture A Day project are garage sales. Not only can you find interesting pictures of people looking for their next treasure among the leftover piles of other people’s junk, but sometimes you can even find unintentionally humorous still […]

There is an old motel on Central Avenue — also known as Route 66 — in the more run down and picturesque area of Albuquerque, New Mexico that has become sort of a cheap long stay residence. There is all sorts of folk art on the exterior walls. If you take a few minutes to […]

Since, the 2008 PAD is running smoothly, I’m digressing a little bit. This picture is from mid-2005. It was taken a musician Jonno Frishburg’s house. Jonno has been a mainstay in a number of regional Cajun bands. including the almost psychedelic Mamou and Charivari. He currently fronts his own band. Prior to the storm, he […]

This ties New Orleans to Asia. At least it does in my mind. When I evacuated from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina I decided that a good place to re-locate temporarily might be Lake Charles, Louisiana. Wrong. I found a small apartment and started to settle in, when along came Hurricane Rita. Once again, I […]

Every place has it own form of local art. In New Mexico there are a number of artisan tile makers.In this case, a little business just got much bigger as the guys who actually own the business and are doing the work, won a contract from the city to design, hand fire and install a […]

After finally uploading PAD 2008 as continuous, I can move on to work that I’ve been doing a little more recently. Assuming that a Chili is a vegetable, may headline is correct. In this case, it’s been drying for a while in New Mexico’s thin, dry air. And, unlike the most popular version, it’s red […]

I thought that I would make a change in my blog today. Rather then post every image that I produced on PAD 2008, I thought I would just add a slide show since posting one picture every day would take as long to do as it took to photograph the project. But, that won’t happen […]