New Mexican light. This is why artists of all stripes have been coming to New Mexico for years. No mani – pulation at all except to clean the image up a bit. Nature did all the real manipulation. The rest? F8 and be there.

The weather report says more winter storms for Northern New Mexico today. The storm should only linger for about a day and the temperatures will warm up to the low 40s either later today or tomorrow, depending on which weatherperson told a fib. This image is of the Sandia Mountains which form the eastern border […]

App – roaching Albuq – uerque from the air is generally no fun since it there are mountains to the east and the box — which makes ballooning so good here — on the valley floor. Lot’s of chop. Lot’s of rolling air. Often, there are last minute aborted landings. Sometimes you get lucky and […]

I arrived back in New Mexico at about midnight, which made it this morning. The luggage that I graciously allowed to be stowed in the baggage hold because of very crowded conditions was sent from Detroit to Albuquerque and then to Minneapolis. When you look at how the gate agent filled out the luggage form […]

for now. I’m in Detroit in the middle of a never ending ride home. Because the flight left Bangkok, Thailand at 5:50a, it was hard to get much sleep the night before. I’m probably working with about five hours sleep in two days. Here’s a couple of stats. I’ve been through ten forms of security […]

Looking from the restaurant on the lake at Khon Kaen, Thailand as dusk approaches a wonderful peace settled upon me. Give Peace A Chance. 29 years later. So fast. Sometimes, it seems that we never learn. Maybe in this Buddhist place…

You know you are far away from any of your usual places when you photo – graph the full moon and you have an ancient Buddhist temple in the foreground. I’m really not that far off the beaten path. I’m in a smallish western Thai city called Khon Kaen. But, it is off the usual […]

Buying a new car in Thailand is a big deal. Maybe it should be a big deal in The United States. It is even a bigger deal if you are among the 95% of the population who is Buddhist. It is such a big deal that they often ask a Buddhist monk to bless the […]

I was telling one of many many blog followers — one of the four of you — in an email about the farmer and his cattle, so I thought I should share the picture and the story with all of you. I was driving on a little back country road when a farmer drove his […]