You know you are far away from any of your usual places when you photo – graph the full moon and you have an ancient Buddhist temple in the foreground. I’m really not that far off the beaten path. I’m in a smallish western Thai city called Khon Kaen. But, it is off the usual […]

Buying a new car in Thailand is a big deal. Maybe it should be a big deal in The United States. It is even a bigger deal if you are among the 95% of the population who is Buddhist. It is such a big deal that they often ask a Buddhist monk to bless the […]

I was telling one of many many blog followers — one of the four of you — in an email about the farmer and his cattle, so I thought I should share the picture and the story with all of you. I was driving on a little back country road when a farmer drove his […]

Even though history tells us about the atrocities committed by the Japanese Army while they used forced labor and POW-s to build the bridge the spans the River Kwai, it forgets to tell us about the general peacefulness of the area. The town of Kanchanburi has grown up around the bridge and caters to the […]

I took a walk along Hellfire Pass, north of Soi Yok in Thailand. It is part of the railroad track that the Japanese army built using forced labor and POWs. Many of us know the story from an old movie called Bridge on The River Kwai, which was just one part of the rail system. […]

I try to post something every day. However, I was in a place where I had to repair the hotel modem just to send very slow emails. In fact, that was good for only a few hours of one day. We tend to forget that the Internet isn’t really all that old. Email has probably […]

More from the little sub-soi. This man is making fried fish balls. He’s taking them from the fryer and placing them into a bowl. As an old colleague, Larry Meeks, once said in Singapore when he was offered fish balls, “why, fish don’t have balls,” in his very Texas accent. I guess you had to […]

Whenever I travel to a new location — or, in this case, and old location but a new neighborhood — I like to take a morning stroll through the neighborhood. In this case, I’m working in the Bangkok district of Silom which is about 5 minutes walk from the legendary Patpong. Unlike, Patpong which is […]

Sheer luck. I happened to make a rather slow time exposure from the driver’s seat. By some quirk, the car in front of me and the entrance guard walls were kept sharp while the sky received the proper exposure to create the dramatic look. Yes. Of course, I added a little something extra. But, not […]