Today marks my fourth anniver – sary of moving away from Louisiana. I’m a bit conflicted about whether to look back or forward on this blog. I did the safe thing and took a look back to New Orleans by posting this Mardi Gras parade picture that is essentially a hand held time exposure of […]

I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve lived in a lot of places. Some great. Some not so great. Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City, Dallas and New Orleans. A lot of smaller places too. But, without a doubt, my favorite city in the world is Hong Kong. […]

through the hotel window. I’ve always liked Sam Able’s fruits on the windowsill in Moscow, so I think that I have to be like Sam and shoot though every hotel window. Sometimes it works. Mostly, it doesn’t. I do sort of like this almost painterly like image made in Beijing in 2005 while I was […]

This is another older picture. Forgive me for that, but I’m up to my ears in post production of my new Thailand work. I still manage to shoot something for the ongoing pictures a day project, but that’s about it. At any rate, this is an image from a Shanghai, China teahouse that I made […]

And Orange. On one long ago trip to Asia, I decided that rather then just transit in Tokyo, that I would spend a few days there. The first thing anybody tells you to photograph is the Tsukiji Fish Market because it opens at 5am and most likely, coming from the west, you’ll be wide awake […]

This could be any New Mexican state road. It’s more-or-less an illustration for “The Road Goes On Forever.” Not really a lot to discuss, except to say that I saw a very flat horizon line, put the camera on the ground and shot the scene with a very wide angle lens. If memory serves it […]

There is a little side road that dead ends into a piece of Route 66, which is across a median from I-40 just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you are driving south on the side road when you come to the dead end, you see this sign. I think no matter which way you […]

New Mexican light. This is why artists of all stripes have been coming to New Mexico for years. No mani – pulation at all except to clean the image up a bit. Nature did all the real manipulation. The rest? F8 and be there.

The weather report says more winter storms for Northern New Mexico today. The storm should only linger for about a day and the temperatures will warm up to the low 40s either later today or tomorrow, depending on which weatherperson told a fib. This image is of the Sandia Mountains which form the eastern border […]