A few weeks ago when I was out in Greigos — a little tiny district named after the Greigo family in Albuquerque — I went to the Our Lady of Guadalupe church. She is more or less the patron saint around these parts. I found this little bit of folk art in a little outdoor chapel where people leave offerings for family and friends who have passed before them.

Or not. Heh, heh. This New Mexico cactus always looks about the same. Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring. It never changes. Actually, there is very little of it in Northern New Mexico. Most it is found further west or further to the south. But, you can find it in Albuquerque. This particular cactus is located in what used to be known as Greigo near Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. This is another Canon G9 picture. I just stuck my hand in the middle of the cactus and hoped for the best. A little late afternoon sun helps too.

This image did not take a lot of post production. One move using curves brought out the hidden color in this tightly composed macro image of a leaf. At first glance, it doesn’t look like there is much to this plant. But, a closer look reveals a special inner beauty. I suspect this is much like life, itself.

I don’t know why I grew it. I don’t really like it. I don’t know how to cook it. I guess I grew it because it’s purple and I like to photograph purple round things… sometimes. Again, this a picture made at or near dusk. It’s a longish time exposure. It’s also shot with a Canon G9.

The Balloon Fiesta ended with a whimper. The rising winds caused the can – cellation of the last balloon glow. I didn’t see any balloons in the air this morning so I’m guessing that the farewell mass ascension was cancelled as well.

No matter.
When I realized that I didn’t have a picture a day image yet, I found a very fall colored leaf and photographed it in my backyard just after dusk, The result is what you see.
The image made me very happy. So happy, in fact, that I couldn’t wait to do the post production so you, gentle viewer, are the beneficiary. I came to realize that I do not enjoy photographing these big events any longer. There are huge crowds at the Balloon Fiesta, all struggling to get out of the parking areas when the events are announced as cancelled. I get bounced around by the crowds. The pictures are more like snapshots rather then anything composed and half way meaningful.
In two weeks I photographed the State Fair and the Balloon Fiesta. Aside from a few pictures that I made outside of the grounds, all I can say is eh.
Like the seasons, it’s time for a change.

Even though is a little more work to be done with the Balloon Fiesta, it’s also time to start Autumn work. Bright colors suit me. It’s a time of change. A time of quiet. Of rest. Of the coming winter’s peacefulness. Also, it’s a time to get busy. Again.

Sometimes, during the fiesta, you get a little lucky. Even though the winds were starting to pick up speed, and the balloons couldn’t inflate for the balloon glow, you get scenes like this with the full moon rising over the local east mountains called the Sandias. Yes. I made this image using the same principles as I do when I should a small man-made object against the hugeness of nature.

I’ve written about the Albu -querque Box in past blogs. Today the box broke. Instead of drifting to the west and north, the balloons moved quickly to the east and south. They were landing on the golf course near my home. They were landing on busy morning rush hour crowded streets. They were landing in strip mall parking lots. They were lodging on smallish residential streets.

No matter.
No one was injured. And, balloons make everyone smile. In fact, people were hopping out of their cars and helping to fold and drag the envelope when the chase crews couldn’t get to the landing site in time.

Every now and then… I accidentally make a picture that surprises me. This is one of them. This is truly F8 and be there. This is chasing balloons and not having the time to even think about the image.

For the sake of Google, this is the first day of The International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is the only day that the early morning mass ascension was not cancelled because of wind or rain.