Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice. Summer in New Mexico means music in many of the town’s and cities’ plazas. Old Town Albuquerque is no exception. Typically, there are mariachis playing in the evenings, on the weekends and on special events. In this image […]

Actually, I did not go back to Tewa. I reworked a picture in a manner that one of my gallery colleagues might do. I removed a lot of the color so much so, that some areas of the image have been brought to black and white. It’s a striking image and very bleak. It’s also […]

This is another image from the high noon car show. I’m thinking that shooting in open shade at high noon really makes the chrome pop nicely. I suppose the one thing that amazed me as I walked through this show, supposedly the biggest in New Mexico, is that so many people were spending a long […]

This is another image from the car show that I had to photograph under bright, white light. By choosing the composition somewhat carefully, I was able to make a pretty creamy image to which I enhanced the color very slightly using a plug-in called Topaz.

Sometimes if you must photograph at high noon, working inside out helps. I saw these flaming fuzzy dice and thought they were interesting. So, I stuck my head and camera inside of the car and made this picture. This care seems to have everything. Flaming fuzzy dice, and American flag and lots and lots of […]

The traditional wisdom is not to shoot at high noon. In fact, one of the gallery members said it was impossible to shoot on the day of the car show. Hmmm. I love a challenge, especially in the high, glaring light of New Mexico. So, I set out to make a few pictures. The picture […]

Tucked into a corner of The Our Lady of Guadalupe chapel in Old Town, Albuquerque, was a small bouquet of flowers. Rather then work tightly, I decided to take a few steps back and contrast size and color. By the way, the walls are as you see them; 18 inch adobe.