Heading Downriver

This is the last of my post-Hurricane Isaac pictures. It was made downriver in Holy Cross, which as a may have mentioned, is a sub-district of the 9th ward. Seen from this angle, the post-storm clouds don’t look quite so menacing. Again, all post production was done on my i-Pad using Snapseed. I think thatContinue reading “Heading Downriver”

After The Storm

While I was  doing my post-storm drive by, I happened upon this cemetery in Uptown, New Orleans. I want to show the scene, but the clouds were the most important thing in my mind. So, this is what I did. I more-or-less placed the subject — the cemetery and the house behind it in theContinue reading “After The Storm”

For True

For true is a phrase from a certain kind of New Orleans dialect. Live in the 7th Ward long enough and you start to pick it up. It’s sort of Yat. But, not quite. Anyway. This picture. I made it during a rain storm when I was in The French Quarter. It was one ofContinue reading “For True”


One thing about summer in New Orleans, or anywhere else that is a semi tropical place, is the humidity. It really shows itself in the form of condensation in the early morning on glass objects of all kinds. Windows are great fun to photograph as well as anything that is located on the shadow side of aContinue reading “Vapor”

Still… Out There

More rain pictures. I suppose that I really do believe in the notion that “when the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.” This one really does stretch the bounds a bit. And, again. It never touched the normal bounds of photo post production. This is cool. Maybe with those new glasses Google is making,Continue reading “Still… Out There”

Sometimes It Rains… Hard

The thing about living in New Orleans in the summer is that you never know when it is going to rain. You can start out with a bright, sunny day. Then. BAM. You can’t run to your car or open your umbrella quick enough. Umbrellas become yet another sort of accoutrement in the summer. Even inContinue reading “Sometimes It Rains… Hard”

What Is It Like To?

Normally, the phrase “what is it like to” is a way of kick starting a blocked mind. I use it to begin photographing when I think I have a photographic block… like a writer’s block. Since I work so steadily, I’ve found that in the past couple of years I don’t have to use itContinue reading “What Is It Like To?”

Not As Planned

They say if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans. Or, something like that. Between the horror in Colorado earlier today and the weather, I think everybody’s plans changed for Uncle Lionel’s jazz funeral. Sheesh. I’m not even sure what to write because my feelings are so mixed. A jazz funeral isContinue reading “Not As Planned”

Uncle Lionel

A massive second line parade for Uncle Lionel Batiste rambled through Treme yesterday evening.  As with all things New Orleans, the parade was supposed to start at 5p, but it started a little late. When it finally began to roll a pack of photographers descended on Norman Batiste, Lionel’s brother. Obviously, if you look atContinue reading “Uncle Lionel”

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