I’m not sure what this picture says. If it says anything at all. It’s one of my drive by pictures. In fact, it’s a drive up to picture. I guess I like the composition and the color. It did take a bit of work in post production to get it anywhere near close to what I saw in my mind’s eye.

Usually, the phrase “white picket fence” means something about American Traditionalism. It is sort of an icon that speaks to a certain kind of life — sort of a dream — to which you aspire. Those standards probably have changed. That dream seems a little shopworn. Or not. Depends on who you are, and what you believe. I swear that I didn’t make this picture with any of that in mind. For me, it was a way of changing the usually framing. But, once I started working on post production. The picture took on a life of its own. That usually happens. Many musicians say that if you play a song repeatedly, the song itself will teach you how to play it. So too with pictures. If you mess with them long enough, they’ll teach you how to make them. 

I think this is the last rain picture for now. But, they say to never say never. I have no idea who “they” are, but it sound right to me. It’s another example of an image being driven by technology. That rarely works. But, for pictures like the last couple that I’ve posted it works just fine since the pictures seem to be all about bokeh, light and color

In the southwest flowers are delicate and very fine.  They grow in dry, desert conditions.  If you have a wet summer season you see a lot of small, but brightly colored flowers. Before I write further, I should define wet. Desert wet is nothing like wet anywhere else. The so-called rainy season might only yield  two or three inches of rain over three months. But, in the normally dry, arid conditions, that’s enough. On the other hand, you might have heavy torrential rains that cause flash floods, mudslides and some destruction. But, when the people of New Mexico talk about flooding, I sort of just smile. It is nothing like we have had in New Orleans. It’s a whole other kind of wet.


A little, bright color for your day.

This is an older picture. I made it in Portugal at their version of a bullfight. I say their because it differs greatly from the spanish version in that the bull is not killed in the ring. The bull is either restored to health or is butcher by a professional butcher far away from the audience. The horseman or woman is called a Cavaleriros and are dressed in 18th century costumes. But, since this picture is more about the horse… It is a Portuguese Luistonos. They are skilled in dressage and trained to fight in the bull rink. That’s all I really know.

The picture? Well. It’s old enough to made with Fuji Velvia. I probably rated an ISO 50 film at either 40 or 32, which was determined to be a better setting at the time. The painterly feel is due to a slow shutter speed and pretty wide aperture combination that I used at the time. Yes, the colors have been popped a bit in Photoshop. But, not much. They didn’t need to be.

Following yesterday’s post, I thought another simple picture was a good idea. This one was made along the Bosque near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A hard day needs a fun little picture. Here’s one now.

This is one of my favorite “little” pictures. I made this picture from the terminal of the Star Ferry in Hong Kong. I photographed it a couple of ways. I focused on the window frame, leaving the background soft. And, I kept the background sharp and left the foreground soft. I like it better with the skyline out of focus. yes. It’s an older picture. The skyline has changed quite a bit since I made this picture. Yes. It was originally made on film. No. I don’t do a lot of post production.

This looks like a simple image of a tree in a little early morning fog. It means a lot more than that to me. Trees are a symbol of rebirth across many cultures. They are symbols of life, itself. And, they sometimes relate to immortality and fertility. This particular tree represents a huge change that I made many years ago. Funny. I’m known for making a lot of typos. I turned the word “years” into the word “tears.” That seems appropriate too.

Yes. This is one of those older images that I happened to discover again.